The Five Best Movie Spies Ever

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This weekend one of summer 2012’s last blockbusters will hit theaters. The Bourne Legacy sees Matt Damon’s now classic character Jason Bourne replaced by now A-lister Jeremy Renner. Could his character Aaron Cross join the ranks of the best spies to ever grace the screen. Possibly, but who are the best spies so far at the movies? Find out below.




Photo Credit: Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible series)-

The Mission: Impossible movies aren’t nearly as smart as a lot of other spy movies, but boy they are a lot of fun. Mostly because of their left-of-center star Tom Cruise. Who cares what happened between him and Katie Holmes and, gasp, scientology when the guy is still hanging an inch from the ground or scaling the tallest building in the world? Ethan Hunt is an awesome character to watch as the stunts just get crazier with every movie.



Photo Credit: Austin Powers (Austin Powers series)-

Spy spoofs were coming left and right throughout the late ’80s and 1990s. But by far the best one was Mike Myers’ cooky international man of mystery. Starring in three movies, Austin Powers is the funniest spy on screen ever. Sometimes he is brilliant but most of the time he is baffling. Need proof? Just watch the hilarious dance number that opens all three movies.



Photo Credit: George Smiley (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy)-

Let me be clear, this movie made no sense. I have not seen it more than once, despite hearing that helps. I am simply not interested. But that doesn’t change the fact that Gary Oldman is phenomenal as George Smiley, one of the biggest inspirations for all spy stories to come. He also happens to be the only spy on this list to be nominated for an Oscar.



2. Jason Bourne (Bourne trilogy)-

The inspiration for this list has to be up pretty high doesn’t he? And for good reason. Matt Damon proves himself as a more than capable action hero in these three fantastic movies. Partaking in many gunfights, car chases, and hand to hand fights, Jason Bourne is one of the coolest spies on the screen for his determination to find out who he is. So few spies are given as good a inner conflict as this.



Photo Credit: James Bond (007 series)-

He is the obvious number one but how can he not be after appearing in 22 films with the 23rd due later this year (first time a Bourne and Bond have been released in the same year by the way). It doesn’t matter which actor you prefer, all of them are at least decent, if not, you know, incredible. My personal favorite film is the recent reboot Casino Royale. It humanized Bond in a way that none have before.



Do you agree with our picks? Any other spies we missed? Sound off below!

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