The Flash: “All Star Team Up” Season 1 Episode 18 Review

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When you have a villain who controls little robot bees called the Bug-Eyed Bandit, you’re going to have a goofy episode. But know what else is kind of goofy? Brandon Routh’s portrayal of Ray Palmer, a.k.a. The Atom.

“All Star Team Up” certainly lived up to its title by having Flash working alongside the newest superhero to join DC’s television universe. Together, they fought a hacker controlling little robot bees.

In a lot of ways, Ray feels way more at home on The Flash than on Arrow. You couldn’t have this light of a tone if any of the other Arrow heroes were part of the crossover. But that was absolutely part of the charm of this episode. It was fun to watch Cisco and Ray get wide-eyed at the same technological achievements, while Felicity continues to be a voice of reason for Barry every time they meet.

Apart from the killer bees, Barry had a pretty strong subplot this week. As we draw closer to the end of the season, the mystery surrounding Harrison Wells needs to be unraveled. But for now, Barry doesn’t know if he can trust Cisco and Caitlin.

In all likelihood, Wells won’t be a part of Team Flash for season two. It’ll just be Cisco and Caitlin backing Barry, which means that Barry needs to start believing in his friends now before Reverse-Flash reveals himself. Felicity was a great character to do this with, as Barry has no reason not to trust her and they have a very deep understanding of each other.

The final scene of the episode has Barry and Joe getting Cisco and Caitlin involved in their investigation of Wells. From this point forward, the team dynamic will likely never be the same.

“All Star Team Up” was a pretty straightforward Flash episode. Aside from Felicity and Ray stopping by, it was very similar to what the show has been lately, stopping the villain and investigating Dr. Wells. But these Arrow characters added an extra layer of fun. Grade: B+


Some Other Thought Bubbles:

– One small implausible thing I was only mostly able to overlook is that it seems a little odd for Felicity to stop by Central City now when Team Arrow is in complete disarray.

– The “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” bit to former Superman Brandon Routh made me giggle.

– Iris and Eddie are almost certainly about to crumble.

– The CGI effects of the Atom continue to impress.

– “She’s like my nemesis! I’ve never had a nemesis…I kind of like it.”


By Matt Dougherty

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