The Flash: “Crazy for You” Season 1 Episode 12 Review

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This episode was just plain all over the place. There’s a teleporter! Flash’s dad is back! Cisco let out Pied Piper! Barry met a girl! Caitlin got drunk! Gorilla Grodd! It was too much.

“Crazy for You” lived up to the “crazy” part of its title for sure. This episode was incoherent and overly busy, simply trying to fit in too many things. It had its moments, but this thing was pretty much a mess.

C-list DC villain Peek-a-Boo showed up in Central City this week to break her boyfriend, not-from-the-comics Clay Parker, out of prison. Being a teleporter, she provides an obvious physical challenge for the Flash. The couple altercations they have are visually rewarding, but there’s very little Peek-a-Boo brought to the table in terms of originality, or even fun. She was mostly just paired with her boyfriend so this whole episode could seemingly be about the characters’ love lives.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, and Barry and Caitlin being very single, it’s naturally time for the show to throw a little romance their way. Enter Linda Park, a reporter and co-worker of Iris who is just around Iris enough to make her jealous. Meanwhile, after Barry takes care of Caitlin when she gets too drunk on their outing, the ice queen suddenly seems to have something for Barry. I’m not sure where the show plans on taking this, but it’s not going to go anywhere serious anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Cisco trusts Pied Piper for some reason to show him what happened to Ronnie. This doesn’t go well, obviously, but at least Cisco got to sneak in some fighting, which he looked to be pretty decent at.

So yeah, there was just too much going on tonight for The Flash to even be comprehensible. The episode was there to propel every possible subplot forward so that future episodes can just focus on the good stuff. Which is fine, I suppose, but it certainly doesn’t help this entry. Grade: C


Some Other Thought Bubbles:

– Caitlin drunk was phenomenal. Probably the best thing about the episode.

– Second best easily goes to the Jurassic Park style Gorilla Grodd tease that closed the episode. I don’t know how, but it looks like the series is going to do the genius ape in the future. Whatever the outcome, it’ll certainly be fascinating to watch.

– Pied Piper and Peek-a-Boo’s boyfriend Clay are both on the loose. “Yay!” to the former, “Why?” to the latter.

– It was nice that Barry’s father just knew he was the Flash. These two could use some more scenes together.

– With so much going on this week, Dr. Wells didn’t even get a chance to ominously talk to his futuristic computer about foreboding plans we don’t know about yet.


By Matt Dougherty

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