The Flash: “Enter Zoom” Season 2 Episode 6 Review

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“Enter Zoom” was a frustratingly unbalanced episode that lead to one of the series’ best ever scenes. The weird mix of awkward humor the the tense build-up to Zoom didn’t quite work, but once the villain showed up, we understood why Jay and Wells gave so many warnings.

But a lot of the first three quarters of the episode have to do with Dr. Light and the Earth 1 version of Linda Park. While it was uncharacteristically stupid for Cisco to just let Dr. Light out of the S.T.A.R. Labs metahuman prison, it did leave her gear around for this world’s Linda Park to be able to wear it and trick Zoom into coming here.

The large portion of the episode devoted to the team training Linda in her Earth 2 counterpart’s villainous ways was a bit damaging to the overall episode’s tone. Zoom’s arrival should feel dangerous and foreboding. Here, it really just feels like everyone underestimated him. Considering how early in the season Zoom was fully revealed, I suppose this lesson had to be learned, but did it have to be so obvious?

So Linda dresses up as Dr. Light and she and Barry completely fail to make the Flash’s defeat convincing. In what could have been an intense buildup to the big bad’s arrival, we are mostly left with awkward humor.

After they give up, Zoom arrives. With his menacing voice and even creepier mask, he and Flash battle in mid-air for a fight that initially looks a little too familiar to any of Barry’s duels with Reverse-Flash last season. But the second the two speedsters land, Zoom does a number on Barry, with a loud crack heard as the villain hits his back. Zoom then precedes to drag Flash all over town, revealing Central City’s hero defeated to the entire city. There’s no denial that these moments are among the darkest and most intense of the series to date. Zoom get scarily close to killing Barry before Cisco gets a lucky shot off, causing him to flee.

When Barry eventually wakes up, he says he can’t feel his legs. Obviously this cliffhanger isn’t permanent, you can’t have a show about The Flash with the titular hero paralyzed. But still, there’s an initial horror to Zoom that Reverse-Flash lacked. That’s not to say Zoom is already a more captivating foe, but that this was quite a way to establish himself. With fewer awkward moments leading up to this stirring climax, “Enter Zoom” could have been a much better episode. But we’ll just have to settle on very good instead. Grade: B+

Some Other Thought Bubbles:

  • Tom Cavanagh is already way more fun to watch this season. He’s combined the good and the bad of Dr. Wells from season one to make this unique member of the team. Great stuff!
  • So Zoom is officially the Bane of the Flash mythos.
  • That said, let’s keep the time Barry is in a wheelchair/recovering to a minimum.
  • Next week: the return of Gorilla Grodd!

By Matt Dougherty

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