The Flash: “Escape From Earth-2” Season 2 Episode 15 Review

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The Flash really gave its second season the extra drive it needed in this Earth-2 two-parter, huh? This second part, “Escape From Earth-2” was especially intense in that it brought Zoom directly to the forefront. This villain is a very real presence now, and a damn scary one. It’s exactly what season two needed.

While this episode had less fun with the alternate universe, it raised the stakes immediately. Zoom is prepared to wreak havoc on Central City if Wells doesn’t give himself up, which he shows in an awesome display of power by writing it in fire across the city. With Barry trapped with Wells’ daughter in Zoom’s lair, it’s up to Cisco, Wells, Earth-2’s Iris, and Earth-2’s Barry to rescue them. Once this makeshift team is together, they decide their only hope in finding Zoom’s lair is Killer Frost.

With Deathstorm and Earth-2’s Cisco out of the way, Killer Frost got a lot more to do this week, even undergoing a full-blown redemption arc by episode’s end. At first fighting the team, Cisco manages to appeal to her human side (a.k.a., the one we know and love from Earth-1) thanks to Zoom’s brutal murder of Deathstorm.

Meanwhile, Zoom takes some time to rough up Barry while he’s in his cell. From a logistical standpoint, I’m not sure why it took Barry so long to remember this one aspect of his abilities. Then again, the stirring, desperate dynamic between him, Wells’ daughter, and the mystery masked man was enough to keep this plot heavy with mystery. Even so, the cell ended up being made out of something apparently super difficult to phase out of (ah, comic books). It’s only once Killer Frost leads the team to Barry and his Earth-2 version inspires him that he’s able to escape. This Barry-on-Barry moment, especially considering the Earth-2 version’s borderline pathetic demeanor, was a smart way to conclude Barry’s arc here.

Of course, just when things seemed peachy, Zoom shows up. I loved how Barry and Wells stood together to face him, throwing their dynamic from season one blatantly on its head. But, in a fun surprise, it’s Killer Frost who subdues the villain and allows everyone to escape. It would have been nice to get a little more of the evil version of the character, but her arc here was undeniably strong.

After a ridiculously annoying subplot on Earth-1 that got Jay Garrick his speed back, albeit briefly, the portal between worlds is back open and the team crosses over. But with the obvious blocking of the actors, Zoom’s hand went right through Jay, pulling him back into Earth-2. He looks very dead, though the lack of closure there seems to suggest we’ll see him again in some form.

But despite this clunky ending, The Flash really delivered once again to bring this Earth-2 coupling to an excellent close. So long as the show can keep this creative steam rolling through the end of the season, we’re looking at a season that could still end up being great. Grade: A-

Some Other Notes:

  • So Zoom has to be Earth-1’s Jay Garrick right? After the unnamed prisoner (more on that below) spells out his name through taps, it seems like the only logical conclusion. Amazingly, we will have seen him already just chilling in the park on Earth-1.
  • As for the unnamed prisoner, obviously masked because he knows Zoom’s identity, Barry’s father seems like a likely candidate. Or perhaps Eddie Thawne. It has to be someone we know that we would never expect.
  • The worst thing about this two-parter being over is that we have to go back to boring old Earth-1 Iris instead of her badass Earth-2 counterpart.
  • I’m always going to want more Killer Frost.
  • The preview for next week was hilarious. King Shark returns to the Jaws theme. It’s cheesy and awesome. I can’t wait.

By Matt Dougherty

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