The Flash: “Family of Rogues” Season 2 Episode 3 Review

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It didn’t take long for season two to officially bring Captain Cold back into the fold. Who can blame them? Many of season one’s best episodes involved him. But this time, he’s brought along his father, played by the legendary Michael Ironside.

“Family of Rogues” had the goal of fleshing out the Snart family, in which it succeeded with flying colors. Not only was this a great Cold episode, but Golden Glider got a lot of fun material as well. Ironside’s deliciously evil turn as their father was both fun and revealing. There’s now a lot more to these foes, while they both still manage to keep one foot on the wrong side of the law.

Lisa Snart approaches Team Flash asking them to save her brother from her father. Cisco is still somewhat enamored with the villainess, making this an easy sell for him, even if it wasn’t for the rest of the team. Naturally, this leads us to some great Flash/Cold scenes. Grant Gustin and Wentworth Miller looked to be having a lot of fun together. After getting frozen, it was refreshing to have Barry visit Leonard Snart as himself. I had actually forgotten about their deal last season, but this was the best use of that situation yet on the show.

But it turns out Papa Snart put a bomb in his daughter’s head as leverage to get his son to work for him. It’s great to watch Cold play his hand as it comes to him between his father and the Flash. After Cisco successfully removes the bomb from Lisa’s neck, Flash gives Cold the signal to turn on his father. He of course does, but he takes it to the next step and brutally murders him. This was a great way for Captain Cold to still be himself while working with the Flash.

By episode’s end, everything is as it should be. Cold is in prison, promising to get out. Lisa gets away, having just spent the episode flirting with Cisco. The Flash takes a very old school approach to dealing with its villains. And this show is almost always at its best when it’s being old school. Grade: A-

Some Other Thought Bubbles:

  • One major highlight of the episode was Barry working with the Snarts on their final heist. Somehow Grant Gustin manages to pull off awkward comedy and superheroism just a few moments apart.
  • As insiders know, Captain Cold will have a major role on the upcoming Legend of Tomorrow. Could his good deeds in this episode be leading to him just becoming a hero in this universe? I can’t say I’m quite ready for that. It’s just too much fun to watch Flash and Cold interact as adversaries.
  • Most of the reason this episode got an “A-” instead of an “A” was the melodramatic Iris/Joe subplot. What purpose will Iris’ mother play that the writers’ justified resurrecting her? I hope it’s actually meaningful.
  • It looks like Dr. Wells will be back in our S.T.A.R. Labs next week. I can’t wait to see how that dynamic plays out.

By Matt Dougherty

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