The Flash: “Fast Enough” Season 1 Finale Review

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Umm, excuse me writers, I believe you left a few things dangling there. But even before the maddening spot where the season finale ended, “Fast Enough” was a rewarding finale that concluded everything the season had been about. So when a singularity starts sucking up Central City and the Flash rushes in to an unknown fate, we still feel that the season’s stories finished, and that this is just the beginning of a new one. Combine that with The Flash‘s signature inspiring heroism, and you’ve got the rare cliffhanger that was honestly perfectly done.

But those final seconds were hardly the best moments of the episode.

As a complete package, “Fast Enough” may have just been the best episode of the season (though it still might be “Tricksters”). That opening conversation between Barry and Wells was charged with a capital C-H-A-R. Tom Cavanagh has never been better as Reverse-Flash than he was here. He sneers to Barry about their future rivalry, but also makes him an offer: helping Barry open a wormhole to travel back in time to save his mother. But in return, he’ll get to travel back to his time. Doing this would alter Barry and everyone’s worlds. He would never go to live with Joe and Iris, but his dad wouldn’t be in jail and his mother would be alive.

This finale may not have featured the type of city takeover that Arrow usually does, but the stakes still felt high. The scenes between Barry and Joe, discussing the ramifications of the altered timeline, particularly worked.

Barry chooses to give it a try, which leads to the most emotional scene of the season. Witnessing the confrontation between his future self and the Reverse-Flash, older Barry signals younger Barry to back down, and he listens. Then he has to listen to Reverse-Flash stab his mother, something he saved himself from last time he was here. After Thawne makes his escape, Barry comforts his dying mother, telling her that he and his father are alright in the future. Grant Gustin used every ounce of his abilities to create a moment that is both uplifting and laced with tragedy (this one got me, tears everywhere).

Flash returns to his time to deliver an awesome punch to his rival before he can escape. We finally get a fight between Flash and Reverse-Flash that isn’t just them zooming around the room. There were legitimate punches thrown. Just when Wells gets the upper hand, Eddie shoots himself in the heart, destroying the bloodline that would birth Eobard Thawne. Iris says goodbye as Reverse-Flash disintegrates. The whole sequence was wonderfully constructed, allowing the surprises to hit as hard as they do.

That’s when the singularity opens back up and starts to swallow the city. But with Barry’s quest to save his mom over and the Reverse-Flash supposedly erased from time, “Fast Enough” still hits all the points it needed to before accelerating into cliffhanger overdrive. It was a finale focused on character first, and big moments second. The episode also resembles how much the show improved over the season. Gustin and Cavanagh were both better than in any of the 22 previous episodes. When it comes time to do a finale, this is how it’s done. Grade: A


Some Other Thought Bubbles:

– So Cisco is a metahuman, which certainly helps some of the other time travel scenes from the last few episodes make a lot more sense. His power to see alternate timelines ought to come in handy in the future.

– He’s not the only one in the S.T.A.R. Labs crew though. In the Speed Force, Barry sees the past, present, and future flashing before him. One blink and you’ll miss it shot showed Caitlin in costume as Killer Frost. I’m excited and scared to see how things end up going so wrong for Caitlin, and how she gets those ice powers.

– The helmet that came through the wormhole belongs to Jay Garrick, the original man in the comics to be called the Flash.

– In the singularity scene, we got out first look at Ciara Renee, who will play Hawkgirl in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow spinoff.

– In a few interviews that came out upon the finale’s ending, the producers said that Tom Cavanagh will still be a regular next season. I guess no one really ever dies in comic books.

– It’s been a pleasure writing about this show all season. Thanks for reading and don’t stress about that cliffhanger too long, the show will be back in a flash! (Sorry)


By Matt Dougherty

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