The Flash: “Out of Time” Season 1 Episode 15 Review

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Time travel is a tricky thing. In many ways, it’s an avenue for inevitable plot holes and the stretching of physics. When used well, it gives us fun “what if” scenarios alongside a great story.

The creators of The Flash have been teasing time travel for quite a while now. It’s a big deal in the character’s rich comic history, so it only makes sense of it to appear here. The seeds for those final moments where Barry comes through a wormhole literally beside himself from a few nights ago were planted throughout the episode, and even the season. But why did the writers go and have to make so many huge things happen that were all then immediately undone? 

There was a lot of great stuff building between the episode’s three main storylines. Wells was confessing to Cisco that he is Reverse-Flash, before killing him. Weather Wizard was about to get his revenge on Joe by wiping out the city with a tidal wave (does that constitute as weather or seismic movements?). Barry and Iris kissed. It was all so exciting! Only to be taken away by the magic of time travel.

The only thing that seems to remain is Barry’s memory, which will of course play into the future he now gets to alter.

Still, “Out of Time” was really exciting throughout. It’s just hard not to wish it would all stick (well, everything besides Cisco’s death). It’s going to be hard going back to Wells being on the good team next week. Hopefully the show will remedy that soon. Grade: B


Some Other Thought Bubbles:

– Harrison Wells is officially Eobard Thawne, the man from centuries in the future who becomes the Reverse-Flash. Eddie, Iris’ boyfriend, is his distant relative apparently. We’ll see how this all plays out.

– Weather Wizard round two was a lot more fun to watch than the dust cloud of a villain we got in the pilot. There were mostly cool effects throughout too.

– I actually screamed at Wells murdering Cisco. Horrifying.

– So Iris is going to have the same speech about having feeling for Barry in the season finale, right?


By Matt Dougherty


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