The Flash: “Rogue Time” Season 1 Episode 16 Review

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So that was super frustrating. Throughout “Rogue Time,” Dr. Wells keeps telling Barry to remain silent about what happened in the alternate timeline. As all the major events of last week’s episode are erased, I feel just as frustrated as Barry.

Without this in the back of my head, I may have enjoyed this episode as much as I did “Revenge of the Rogues.” The Rogue episodes are fun, including this one. But it’s hard to forget how duped we were as an audience with all of last week’s big twists being undone.

Now I know, “Out of Time” was likely just an episode to set up the use of time travel for the rest of the season. There are better ways to do it. Remember Heroes? That show’s first season actually did time travel really well.

Okay, moving forward. Captain Cold and Heat Wave are joined this time by the former’s younger sister, Lisa Snart, who Cisco failed to officially name the Golden Glider as she is called in the comics. As the third addition to the team, the trio fight to take over the city, kidnapping Cisco, as Cold knows he’s affiliated with the Flash.

After dying last week, Cisco had a nice little arc this episode. Dealing with his family and their expectations, he gets caught up in feeling depressed, allowing Lisa to seduce him in a bar and trick him into getting kidnapped. They already have his brother. All Cold wants is the Flash’s identity.

It was a clever bit of storytelling to have Cisco just show up at S.T.A.R. Labs after the fact. Now Barry has to go stop these guys even though they know his identity. Flash scoops up Cold and they have a little chat in the woods. This was a cool set up for a hero/villain dynamic we haven’t really seen before. What they come up with is that Cold can’t reveal Flash’s identity, go near his friends, or kill people, while the Flash can’t lock him in the particle accelerator prison. An interesting truce that could lead to some very interesting creative choices any time Cold is used again in the future.

So I guess all in all, “Rogue Time” was still a fun episode. The time travel bits were just pretty painful. But at least Barry is starting to suspect something of Dr. Wells. At this point though, the longer we wait, the more frustrating of a season this will become. Grade: B


Some Other Thought Bubbles:

– Barry and Linda broke up and Iris isn’t ready to express her feelings to her best friend. Womp, womp.

– The tensest scene of the episode was definitely when Wells had Cisco in the room he killed him in last week. That was a clever return and the best use of the time lapse. Even though it was still majorly frustrating.

– If there’s one thing that’ll make me forget about this whole time travel mess it’s Mark Hamill as the Trickster next week. This might be the most excited I’ve ever been for a single Flash episode all season.


By Matt Dougherty

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