The Flash: “The Man in the Yellow Suit” Season 1 Episode 9 Review

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This is the Flash episode I’ve been waiting for. The Man in the Yellow Suit provided great superheroics and human drama, proving that when this series isn’t so concerned with world-building, it can be every bit as good as Arrow.

Just as with it’s mother series’ first mid-season finale, The Flash ended the year by revealing our hero’s comic book archnemesis. Where Green Arrow has Merlyn, the Flash has Reverse-Flash. And much like Arrow, this version of the character doesn’t take the alter-ego comic readers suspect. But more on that later.

Aside from some excellent powers sequences, particularly that entire final showdown at S.T.A.R. Labs, the reasons Reverse-Flash was so effective as a villain was the way Barry handled the fact that he finally found the man that killed his mother. There was a very strong arc for our lead this episode. He’s devastated to hear Iris and Eddie are moving in together, but is so focused on solving this mystery that he continues to sit back and do nothing. In perhaps the best acted scene on the show yet, Barry visits his father in prison, who tells his son not to let the man in the yellow suit take any more away from their family. Taking his words to heart, Barry immediately confesses his love to Iris, who sits their speechless. While it was great to see Barry finally showing some strength in this situation, Iris was borderline unlikable as she just stared at her best friend.

Meanwhile, after Caitlin has a run-in with her supposedly deceased husband, who now controls fire (because superheroes!), she enlists Cisco to help her find him. When they do, he doesn’t seem to know who he is, muttering “Firestorm”.

But all this comes together when Reverse-Flash attacks S.T.A.R. Labs. Seemingly trapped in a force-field, Detective West and Eddie lead heavily armed cops into the room to take him down. It wasn’t quite clear how the villain got a hold of Dr. Wells, but it caused Joe to break the force-field, letting Reverse-Flash take out everyone right before Flash comes in to take him down. The fight that ensues is cool, even if the two are a little too fast for the choreography’s own good. But it’s Caitlin’s husband Ronnie who ends the fight by blasting Reverse-Flash with some fire. Awesome.

With everything all tied up, most of the cast goes to enjoy Christmas at the West house. Except for Dr. Wells, who, in the best tag of the season yet, reveals that he is Reverse-Flash (time travel?). Mic drop, see you in 2015.

The Man in the Yellow Suit was easily the best Flash entry yet. The character drama really worked all the way through, while presenting us with a great archnemesis for Barry, as well as a potential new ally. If The Flash can keep this up, it will become as good as ArrowGrade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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