‘The Hobbit’ Trailer Welcomes You Back

Sometimes you hear about movies for years and years as they lie in development hell, switching directors, constantly getting pushed back. Usually by the time the film comes out there have been so many versions of what it could have been that what actually gets released disappoints. But sometimes we get this. Watch the wonderful first trailer for The Hobbit below.

My guess is that this story is going to be told by Bilbo to Frodo as we see them both in the very first shot of the trailer. Then we get our first look at Martin Freeman as Bilbo, and he doesn’t disappoint. We do not appear to be getting an imitation of Ian Holm’s performance but truly a younger version of the character. The tone of the scenes showing Bilbo all seem to be in line with the opening of Fellowship of the Ring.

Then we get introduced to the dwarves, who all have astonishing make-up. It is also clear that the songs frequently sung in the books may be playing a bigger part than they did in the original trilogy. We also see glimpses of Rivendell, the shattered sword, and Galadriel.

The end montage shows the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand just as they were ten years ago. There are a lot of shots of Gandalf alone, something I most certainly welcome since he is quite possibly the best character in the series. We also get a quick peak at the scene with the trolls from the book.

But the final shot is the kicker. Gollum returns in this tale with a certain ring that will cause a whole mess of trouble in the future…

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