‘The Legend of Korra: A Leaf in the Wind’ Review

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The new Nickelodeon series The Legend of Korra continues with another fantastic episode the helped to further update us on how the universe has changed, and introduces some new characters into the mix.

A Leaf in the Wind saw Korra beginning her air bending training with Tenzin. Watching her try and make it through the spinning obstacle was pretty hysterical. But a lot of comedy came from Tenzin’s children Jinora, Ikki, and especially Meelo, his only son who is quite possibly the funniest character in either series aside from Sokka. Korra’s inability to air bend led to her lashing out at her teacher out of frustration. Korra is much readier to push back at her teachers than Aang ever was.

The meat of the episode, however, was devoted to Pro-Bending, a new sport that, frankly, is awesome. This was a great way to further push how the society has changed since Aang and Zuko built this new utopia. The new sport also introduced us to two new characters, Bolin and Mako (who is named for the late voice actor of Iroh in the original series) who are on a professional pro-bending team. They are brothers, Bolin being an earth-bender and Mako being a fire-bender. Bolin seems like he will be filling the comic relief role for the series while Mako might be a potential romance for the young new avatar. I cannot wait to see how their adventures play out in future episodes.

In the end, Korra was able to reconcile with Tenzin and took her first steps towards becoming an air-bender. While A Leaf in the Wind was not quite as exciting as the premiere, it still was a great episode and proves that Legend of Korra is a fantastic way to continue this universe. My only real complaint is that we didn’t see any further development with the possibility of an anti-bending revolution. But there’s plenty of time for that in the future. As for now, this show rocks. (9/10)

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  1. Andrew DeZen says:

    Great review! Just finished watching the episode and I love how The Legend of Korra feels so similar to the previous series, but is simultaneously different. It is clear the characters are emotional and three-dimensional. I thought the addition of Mako and Bolin was brilliant because it sets up some really interesting conflict down the road. The scenes with the pro-bending sport were awe-inspiring, especially those slow-mo sequences – plus that shot with the leaf flying through the spinning obstacles was awesome. Love it so far and can’t wait for the third episode, only thing is, do you know how long this series is supposed to last? I heard only one season but it seems like it can go so much further.

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