‘The Legend of Korra: And the Winner Is…’ Review

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This week showed that love was in the air at the pro-bending finals! Another cute episode! Just kidding…Amon was there, and it was terrifying. And the Winner Is… was quite possibly the best episode yet as we got more of everything that has made The Legend of Korra a worthy successor to Avatar: The Last Airbender packed into one unbelievably exciting half hour.

After last week’s much needed break in the tension, this episode jumped right back in the thick of the Equalist revolution starting with a radio announcement from Amon challenging the city council to shut down the pro-bending finals. Naturally, the Fire Ferrets had a problem with this and begged the council otherwise. But it was Chief Beifong coming to the team’s rescue.

Before this episode we really have seen very little of Toph’s daughter, but this episode developed her very effectively and very quickly. She has just enough of Toph written in her that she obviously came from the same gene pool. Also, it was interesting that she was the one Pema was talking about last week that Tenzin was dating. Tenzin was hysterical this episode as he kept giving monologues about his past and then stopping himself in a fit of anger.

Once the pro-bending started something was immediately out of place. I love how little time this show wastes by fluently changing the mood at will without any hesitation. This was an epic pro-bending match and one that had me cheering as the Fire Ferrets did everything they could to stay int he game, despite the refs being paid off. Korra, Mako, and Bolin all had their moments to shine in the match, even though they lost.

But then Amon showed up. It was amazing, even somewhat disturbing, how fast his troops were able to take over the arena. Beifong’s metal benders and Tenzin were quickly disposed of. Amon then performed his little trick on the shady leader of the Wolf Bats. Again, this show changes gears so flawlessly. One minute we hate the Wolf Bats, but in the shadow of Amon we fear for them. Another nice touch was more flashbacks of Aang. Clearly something is building here and I cannot wait to see what (flashback episode please!).

The final battle here was all sorts of awesome. Korra got to showcase some of the most exciting bending we have seen yet from her. Meanwhile we finally got to see just what Beifong is capable of. The two of them working together to try and take down Amon’s airship were the best visuals on the show yet. Period. The same goes for the battle on the roof of the arena.

The episode ended with Tenzin gloomily stating “Republic City is at war”. And the Winner Is… raised the stakes tremendously for this show. It also helped develop Chief Beifong into a far more likable character. If I had one nitpick it’s that Korra displayed almost no fear for Amon, something a whole episode was based on two weeks ago. But even that cannot ruin this unbelievable half hour. The fact is this was one heck of an episode and perhaps the best yet. (9.5/10)

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