The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance Premiering in October!

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I’m writing this article because Nickelodeon likely will not attempt to give their best show any more media attention before the premiere of its final season.

It just doesn’t end for us Legend of Korra fans. With Book 3: Change barely in the, uh, books, Nickelodeon has announced the release date for the fourth and final book of the series, subtitled Balance.

The first episode will premiere on on October 3. With barely a month and a half between Books 3 and 4, this is the quickest turnaround between seasons of the series (and maybe any series ever because this is freaking ridiculous).

For now, the only other tidbit we know is that the fourth episode will be titled “The Calling”. With Book 4 being 13 episodes, it’s more than likely the series will conclude in 2014.

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By Matt Dougherty

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