The Legend of Korra: “Civil Wars Part 2” Book 2 Episode 4 Review

The politics continued this week on The Legend of Korra as the Avatar dealt with the arrest of her father.

While I have enjoyed Book 2 thus far it is certainly lacking in the action department. Korra seems to have turned over a new leaf of not punching fire at everyone who pisses her off. While action obviously isn’t the most important thing this show does, it is one thing it does extremely well. To see so little of it so far, especially since the tidbits we’ve gotten against the spirits were so gorgeous, is kind of a letdown.

But the story of these warring water tribes is still engaging. While the judge presiding over the rebels’ case lets Korra’s mother go, he first gives Korra’s father and the other rebels the death penalty. From the start it seemed too extreme but of course Unalaq quickly put it to bed and got them life imprisonment instead.

Korra isn’t about to let that fly though. If you ever needed proof that Korra is nothing like Aang look no further than the sequence where she and Naga interrogate/intimidate the judge. He tells her that Unalaq rigged the trial, as well as Tonraq’s banishment from the North all those years ago.

So Korra, Mako, and Asami (who still uses the Equalist glove as her weapon of choice) go attempt to bust Korra’s father out but instead run into Unalaq. They have a pretty, but all too brief skirmish in the hallway, before Team Avatar can locate the real prison and break her father out.

But instead of fighting in the war, Tonraq gives Korra  new mission: convince the newly instated President to support the Southern Water Tribe with the United Forces (is this season ever actually going to be about spirits?).

A subplot behind all the politics was Bolin’s quest to break up with Eska, which finally works. Except for the crazy shot we see of her chasing the ship of course.

Meanwhile, back at the Southern Air Temple, Tenzin finds Ikki and they share tea with some sky bison pups. It’s a cute scene where the two realize how much they love their siblings. Kya and Bumi also had a very sweet scene with Aang’s statue in the temple as Bumi claims to have been a disappointment and Kya assures him the opposite. This family dynamic really is the best thing about Book 2.

So all in all Civil Wars Part 2 continued the build up for what is hopefully something big. This season is still light on action and, more surprisingly, spirits. But everything that’s going on is still engaging enough that this is an exciting show to get to watch every week. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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