The Legend of Korra: “Enter the Void” Book 3 Chapter 12 Review

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It’s time for Team Avatar vs. the Red Lotus, and boy did it deliver.

The penultimate episode of Book 3 featured tons of action as two groups finally met in their full form. This is the showdown we’ve been waiting for all season.

Enter the Void appropriately started with some lighter moments. Bolin’s “plan” to use bird calls was essential comedic relief considering the dark tone. As was the almost Family Guy style aside (in a good way!) to Grandma Yin yelling at Naga and Pabu.

One notable scene before the action started was shared between Zaheer and P’Li, our villain lovers. They were suddenly humanized in a way Unalaq never was. Considering how the episode ended, it was a welcome inclusion that deepened the impact of later events.

Korra’s character defining decision to turn herself over concluded her arc for the season wonderfully. As she stands afar from Zaheer and P’Li, Ghazan leads Mako, Bolin, and Asami to a barely alive Tenzin and the other airbenders. Except, in one of the creepiest things I can remember, the rest of the “airbenders” melt away to reveal Ming-Hua. But Korra is already in chains when Mako tells her to get out of there.

Luckily, he can radio Lin, Suyin, Tonraq, and the metalbenders to save her. Now it’s time to fight.

Korra, still in chains, pumps ever element she can at Zaheer. P’Li shoves Tonraq and the metalbenders off the cliff leaving the Beifong sisters to take her down. Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin are left to fight Ming-Hua and Ghazan once more.

Tonraq quickly joins the fight against Zaheer. It was incredibly rewarding to see father and daughter fighting alongside each other like they never had before. But Zaheer seemingly kills Tonraq right in front of Korra, sending him in a whirlwind off the cliff. He is later revealed to be alive, but of course Korra has no idea.

The best of the three fights, however, was Lin and Suyin taking on P’Li. Lin’s “I love you” landed perfectly thanks to all the development they received earlier this season. Just when Lin seems to be caught in the cross hairs, Suyin covers P’Li with metal just as she combusts. Obviously not showing her death made it much worse in my imagination. One down, three to go.

As the sisters race to catch Zaheer, the teachings of Guru Laghima serve him well. The villain drops off the cliff with Korra over his shoulder, only to fly away to his secret lair. He is no longer tethered.

Finally, a quick Mako and Bolin vs. Ming-Hua and Ghazan brought down the Northern Air Temple in a essentially a volcanic eruption. However, in a clever twist, after a season of Bolin being told to metalbend, he lavabends our heroes to safety, with a little help from Kai who arrives on a baby sky bison.

As the rest of Team Avatar regroups, sans Korra, Kai says he knows where the airbenders and Korra are. Meanwhile, Zaheer prepares to give Korra some sort of poison.

And now there’s just one episode left. No, the final stakes of Book 3 aren’t as big as Book 2, but this season took its time and developed emotional connections between the characters that led to one of the tensest episodes of the series. No one felt safe as the villains had their day. Time for the finale. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty



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