The Legend of Korra: “Harmonic Convergence” Book 2 Episode 12 Review

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The Harmonic Convergence is upon us and good lord it is epic.

It’s time for war and Team Avatar is set for a suicide mission into the Southern Spirit Portal. But one quick note before all the action started was Katara’s return! We only see her maybe twice a season so watcher her healing all the Southern troops, and then attempting to rescue Jinora, was pretty exciting.

Ok, onto the battle. Asami is piloting a plane with Mako and Bolin providing weaponry on the wings. They are the distraction. Korra, Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi are on the sky bison, heading straight for the portal.

Unalaq’s troops are throwing ice at the plane as Mako and Bolin bomb the whole base of operations. It’s an epic, heroic stand, until Eska and Desna manage to take down the plane.

Meanwhile spirits are attacking the bison, with Bumi taking one down but falling off in the process. It appears to be too much for the rest and they get captured.

Things seem pretty grim until Bumi comes to the rescue and hilariously destroys the entire base on pure accident.

Now it’s time for plan two. Korra, Mako, and Bolin enter the Spirit World, with the brothers fighting Unalaq as Korra tries to close the portal. But it’s too late. In true Avatar fashion, things get way worse before our heroes can stop it. Korra can’t close the portal literally due to being too late. Harmonic Convergence happens. Vaatu breaks out. Cut to black.

This review is fairly short because I want to go watch the next episode right now. But still, this was an action packed episode that once again raised the stakes. All the character development is starting to pay off as we head into the end of Book 2. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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