The Legend of Korra: “Long Live the Queen” Book 3 Chapter 10 Review

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This episode had everything. Humor. Action Drama. The whole thing really delivered, sending Book 3 into its endgame with one of the best episodes of the season and the series.

Book 3 is at a point where its villains needed to do something big. How does assassinating the Earth Queen fancy you?

The Red Lotus has arrived in Ba Sing Se with their two prisoners, Mako and Bolin. They make a deal with the Earth Queen to reveal the location of the airbenders she lost if, in exchange, she lets them have Korra once she’s been brought back to the city.

But with the Avatar delayed, Zaheer decides to move forward on another part of his master plan. You’ve never seen the Dai Li disposed of as quickly as when the Red Lotus fought them in this episode. The Earth Queen is helpless and Zaheer rolls out the horrifying line, “Freedom is just as essential as…air.” Then, in the darkest moment since Tarrlok killed himself and his brother in Book 1, Zaheer removed the air from the Earth Queen’s lungs, slowly and unforgettably murdering her. Whoa.

Zaheer then sent a message out to the city, telling them there is no longer a ruler of Ba Sing Se. Meanwhile, Ghazan melted the infamous wall. Book 3’s villains just stepped up their game in a massive way.

But the events in Ba Sing Se weren’t all dark. Mako and Bolin trying to get out of prison had some of the biggest laughs of the season, with Bolin getting cheered on by the whole prison to metalbend. He didn’t of course, it being a payoff that will likely happen in the finale. But then the gates suddenly fly open, except theirs. Zaheer forebodingly tells them that he will free them, but he has a message for the Avatar.

Korra and Asami, meanwhile, are having their own little adventure in the desert. After Asami awesomely breaks the two of them out, the airship crashes in the sand and the pair are forced to work with their captors to get the airship moving. In a fun twist, there’s a giant sand shark monster thing chasing them. This was a type of subplot we rarely get to see on The Legend of Korra, but it definitely had an Airbender feel. The final chase was fun, Korra getting them out of the beast’s mouth in mid-air with a fire ball.

They arrive back in the Misty Palms Oasis to find Lin, Tonraq, and Zuko in a tavern. Then it’s stated on the radio that the Earth Queen is dead and Ba Sing Se is in chaos. Welcome to the end of another season of Korra. Things are epic now.

I find myself uneasy after the death of the Earth Queen that Tonraq and Zuko seem to be traveling together. That’s two world leaders right there for Zaheer to take down. Then he would just have President Raiko, Desna, Eska, and I suppose Tenzin left. Just three episodes left.

Long Live the Queen was one of the most balanced episodes this series has ever delivered. Korra and Asami’s side quest as a ton of fun. Mako and Bolin provided some of the best humor we’ve seen on the series. Zaheer gave us an incredibly dark moment. This is an episode that embodies the best of Korra on all angles. When this show is at its best, there’s nothing better on TV. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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