The Legend of Korra: “Night of a Thousand Stars” Book 2 Episode 11 Review

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Yeah, so Book 2 is really picking up steam. The first episode in a night of four leading to the finale brought Team Avatar back together and raised the stakes even higher.

We start with Korra, Tenzin, and the rest of the family bringing the lifeless body of Jinora back to he mother. A sad moment indeed, but then the episode let Korra be for a while to wrap up the threads in Republic City.

With Mako in jail, set up by Varrick, it’s Bolin’s time to set things right. But will his ego as a movie star prevent him from doing so?

During the premiere of his final Nuk Tuk film, which we happily got to see most of, Bolin takes a breather and steps outside. Asami asks him why to which he says he misses his friends and Team Avatar. I realize that has sort of been a problem with this season, the lack of our heroes working together to stop the threats of Unalaq, the spirits, and Varrick.

But Bolin changes that when he gets wind of a kidnapping attempt on the president that’s about to take place (wasn’t this a eerily similar to the Lincoln assassination?). It was frankly epic watching him take on Varrick’s men on the pro-bending stage with the movie in the background. Easily one of Bolin’s most memorable moments on the series. In the fight it comes out that Varrick sent the men, validating Mako and getting him out of prison.

Finally, Korra arrives and the team is reunited. She doesn’t remember her fight with Mako, however, who doesn’t tell her they broke up. Right in front of Asami. Ouch.

One qualm I had here was the strange way Varrick talked to them in prison. He became too inconsistent of a character. He giving the team his battleship felt like a means to an end.

At least Team Avatar is on their way to the South.

Speaking of, Tonraq reinvades his city, leading to an epic showdown between he and his brother, Unalaq. It was some of the best bending of the season. Unalaq won, of course, building to what is sure to be an even bigger fight with Korra.

The stakes have risen and the team is back together. Book 2 is well on its way to an epic finale, and this episode pointed us in the right direction. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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