‘The Legend of Korra: Out of the Past’ Review

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This series just seems to be getting better doesn’t it?

The Legend of Korra answered a lot of questions this week and gave us plenty of surprises to keep us guessing going into the last few episodes of this already spectacular season.

After last week’s cliffhanger,  Korra seemed to be in a fair bit of trouble, but who better to help her then Avatar Aang! Yes, we finally got to see Aang, Toph, and Sokka in a series of flashbacks dealing with the mysterious Yakone, an evil blood bender from the past. I love how easily the writers were able to slip back into writing for these characters, particularly Toph (she called him Twinkletoes!) and Sokka (“my trusty boomerrang”).

But the main reason that these flashbacks worked was that they didn’t take the spotlight off of Korra. They never felt gimmicky or forced just to entice fans. They move Korra’s story forward in  perfectly paced manner.

Meanwhile, in Republic City, Beifong, Tenzin, Bolin, Mako, and Asami began searching for Korra and stumbled on an Equalist base. The action sequences here perfectly balanced out the exposition heavy Korra plot. Also, Beifong is so totally her mother’s daughter! Metal bending the walls of the base?! Holy $#*%!!

Once they figured out what Tarrlok had done the episode went to a whole other level of craziness. After fueling fire to the theory last week that the corrupt councilman would end up being Amon, it was put to bed as the two evildoers of the series came face to face. For a while it looked that Tarrlok could be the villain next season…not anymore! Amon took his bending away. The conflict between him and Korra was perfect and continues to build to what will likely be one hell of a final battle. Korra rightfully ran after foolishly confronting him in the beginning of the series.

Out of the Past was another excellent episode of this excellent series. Only three episodes remain and this show just keeps getting better. (9.5/10)


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