The Legend of Korra: “Peacekeepers” Book 2 Episode 5 Review

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Politics continue to hold center stage as Korra and the rest of Team Avatar returned to Republic City.

If there is one thing Peacekeepers did wonderfully it was making Mako a more relevant character. In Book One, Mako was an obvious choice for weakest character, but not I’m glad to see the writers giving him a level head and capable of pointing out Korra’s flaws. Now that he’s a cop under Beifong (Yay! She’s back!), he has a real role to play when something like a terrorist attack happens.

Even Korra was too stunned to act when a building blew up during a Souther Water Tribe protest in the streets. But Mako was able to handle himself and even ID the guy after some detective work. But it seems some of his colleagues are trying to keep it hidden.

Meanwhile, Korra is meeting with the president. He, of course, is not taking the civil war in the South as serious as the Avatar is. So she goes to meet General Iroh (Yay! He’s back!). But the president interrupts their meeting and has Iroh assure him he will not leave the port. Iroh suggests to Korra to go see the Fire Lord and ever so casually mentions his grandfather (WHO IS ZUKO YOU GUYS). But before taking his advice, Korra figures out how the president knew she was meeting Iroh: Mako.

It was time for these two to take a break. Korra and Mako haven’t seemed happy all season. Not as unhappy as Eska though. Even though the action thus far has been few and far between, the climax of the episode was pretty unbelievable. The twins ambush Korra in the middle of the ocean leading to a chase involving water tornadoes, fire, and one hell of an angry spirit. What a cliffhanger that the spirit may have swallowed the Avatar. Does that hurt or just transport her to the Spirit World? We’ll be finding out next week I suppose.

Other than that, we had a small story between Tenzin and Meelo that really didn’t seem necessary. We get that Tenzin is kind of a loner, but the lemur thing did have some cute moments. I just wonder how much of a service this will be to whatever endgame the writers have in store.

Peacekeepers was mostly a transition episode. We have the set up for the season in place, now we’re moving towards the spiritual side of what Korra will be learning this season. We also have the whole cast pretty scattered around the world. Book Two is ramping up to be pretty exciting. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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