The Legend of Korra: “Reunion” Book 4 Chapter 7 Review

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Reunion was a heavy reminder of how great Team Avatar plays off of each other in a season that has kept our key heroes mostly apart.

Upon Korra’s awaited return to Republic City, she is greeted by Tenzin, Bumi (in his first appearance this season, still waiting on Kya), and the rest of the family. But it’s right down to business when Tenzin asks her what happened in Zaofu. He then tells her that no one expected her to deal with Kuvira alone. It’ll be interesting to see how big a role Korra’s supporting cast will play in the show’s endgame, considering many of the adult character have been sidelined thus far in Book 4.

The most compelling thing about this episode though was Korra’s interactions with Asami and Mako. With all but Bolin back in action, Reunion felt like a very typical Korra entry in a season without any so far. It felt like a bit of a homecoming. But that doesn’t change the fact that three years have passed.

While Korra and Asami’s initial interactions were friendly, with maybe even some flirting in there (“What’s going on with you two?” Mako, and now the audience rooting for Korrasami to break boundaries, asked), things went south when Asami brought up her visits with her father. Korra if she should even trust Hiroshi, which strikes a nerve with Asami. The young CEO has a point, Korra doesn’t get to disappear for three years and make judgements. She’s been absent for whatever progression led to Asami having the strength to face, and maybe eventually forgive, her father.

Mako, on the other hand, gets offended when Asami lets it slip that Korra wrote her back and not he or Bolin. Korra, again, doesn’t have much of a defense.

Sticking out like a sore thumb in this scene is Prince Wu, easily the worst Korra character ever conceived. After some weak attempts at humor, he wanders off to the bathroom only to get captured by some of Kuvira’s men. This did, however, lead to some awesome action. There’s nothing like Mako getting whiney in an action sequence while Korra and Asami maintain control. The initial car chase was a ton of fun, especially since Korra has seemingly made some amazing progression on her metalbending.

When Wu is lost, Korra uses Toph’s teachings and touches a spirit vine to locate him. They get to the train station and figure out what train he’s on. In classic Team Avatar fashion, Korra and Mako are arguing loudly enough that they attract some of Kuvira’s men, leading to another great fight on top of the train. Asami continues to make great use of that Equalist glove, awesomely taking out a guy before Korra airbends them all to safety.

The team’s final conversation was sweet, although almost ruined by Wu, as they forgave each other and embraced. It looks like Wu will be out of the picture soon too, as he is stashed away in Asami’s mansion with Mako’s family. As much as I hate him, “It’s a pleasure Grandma Mako,” only for the old woman to faint was a comedic highlight of the episode.

Elsewhere, Bolin and Varrick are on their trek out of the Earth Empire. They come across some escapees from one of Kuvira’s camps. In another move equating the Great Uniter to Hitler, it turns out Kuvira is banishing those not born in the former Earth Kingdom out of her empire.

Bolin and Varrick team up with the rag-tag group, which inevitably leads to a fight with some metalbenders and mecha tanks. While this B-story certainly felt like filler, I’m not sure there’s a value that can assigned to the genius of Bolin and Varrick’s pairing. Bolin’s lavabending was in top form this week as he did what he could against Kuvira’s forces. But it was Varrick with a makeshift EMP that ended the battle. Now the pair are traveling with the escapees by boat, which will hopefully get them to Republic City and back with Team Avatar that much quicker.

The final scene of the episode had Kuvira and Baatar Jr. planning to harvest the spirit vines of the Banyan-grove tree. The most exciting thing about this is that Toph will likely reenter the fold, if she’s not already on her way to rescue her daughter that is.

Reunion wasn’t the most eventful episode, but did give us some very realistic interactions between Team Avatar that have been lacking in Book 4. Not to mention spectacular action throughout the entire episode. Prince Wu is still a menace to the show, but he looks to be on his way out now, which hopefully means the larger Team Avatar can unite and take down Kuvira and restore balance once and for all. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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