The Legend of Korra: Skeletons in the Closet Review

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The first part of the season finale answered a lot of questions and developed our already great villain even further.

A nice touch right from the beginning was the utopia underground where benders and nonbenders co-exist to get away from the violence.

But soon after that, and a very cute moment between Korra and Mako, the battle began, and the Equalists now have planes! They have so many awesome weapons and vehicles that I would sign up right now (you know if they weren’t evil). The first action sequence felt like the movie Pearl Harbor, in a good way.

General Iroh got a lot of screen time in the opening moments. From the beginning his fighting moves mirror those of his grandfather. He is a strong general and an exciting character to see on screen. But I do hope we get some actual development of him in the future. Right now it seems that the writers are relying on him being related to Zuko.

Korra and Mako’s goodbye was pretty sad, particularly when the brothers had to part ways. But what came next was actually shocking. Amon and Tarrlok are brothers?! Touche writers. I am glad that Tarrlok wasn’t just thrown aside after Amon took his bending away. Tarrlok also revealed that he is a blood bender, just like him.

The backstory on Amon and Tarrlok’s childhood was fantastic. From Yakone’s wife looking a bit like Katara to the sympathy we feel for the brothers under the tutelage of Yakone. All of it was nothing short of perfect. Korra’s quiet “thank you” to Tarrlok said it all.

Skeletons in the Closet was another perfect episode of this incredible show. The twists, the backstory, the drama, literally everything was mesmerizing. Sure, Iroh could have had a single line to just explain things a teeny bit further, but there was too much perfection to not justify giving this episode a perfect score. (10/10)

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  1. Mitch says:

    This one was also an amazing episode. A very focused narrative and compelling backstory. Though I do wish they would have told exactly why Noatak hated and feared benders.

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