‘The Legend of Korra: The Aftermath’ Review

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Was their really any way for this show to follow up last week’s incredible episode? No, but this will do.

The Aftermath was a very talky entry of The Legend of Korra. A lot happened and we have a new villain, so hopefully now this war can get kicked into high gear.

Something always seemed fishy to me about Sato and his daughter Asami, and it turns out I was half right. The episode began with Chief Beifong arresting the head of Cabbage Corp. (“Not my Cabbage Corp.!” Thanks for that writers, I miss the crazy cabbage man of The Last Airbender). But Korra overheard Sato on the phone apparently getting ready to “strike”. This lead her to believe that he is an Equalist.

It was a little weird to see Korra go behind Mako and Bolin’s back so easily, but she turned out to be right. Still though, Korra didn’t seem to be playing the trust card too much this week with few repercussions. It felt a little weird to have a hero use such a negative quality to get what she needed without anyone getting annoyed.

That being said, the discussions between Korra, Tenzin, and Beifong all had a similar feel to The Dark Knight, which naturally is a good thing.

Once Sato was revealed to be an Equalist it was time for more action. Turns out the guy was building big platinum suits for the Equalists to battle the benders (anyone else think that they looked a lot like the Big Daddy’s from BioShock?). The ensuing fight had some great moments, but overall was one of the weaker conflicts we have seen yet. However, it was great to finally see Tenzin in action. His style of airbending is completely different from his father’s making for some exciting new ways to show off his skills.

But the machines still bested them, leaving Mako, Bolin, and Asami to go in and help. There was never a second where I thought Asami would join her father. Plus she is probably the weakest character on the show right now. While this episode did help develop her a little better, the ending still felt a little forced. But now they have a non-bender ally, something that could be very useful politically.

The Aftermath was probably the weakest episode of the series yet, but it worked to transition the show into the new war phase that started last week. While many of the twists were pretty easy to see coming everything now seems to be set in motion character wise (except for Tarrlok). (7.5/10)

2 Responses to ‘The Legend of Korra: The Aftermath’ Review

  1. Mitch says:

    This is the first time I disagree with your Korra review. I found this episode to be the extremely entertaining and important. A great follow up to last weeks episode. I would rate it a 9/10.

  2. lela says:

    I enjoyed taking a much-needed break from the love polygon, and this episode was actually pretty good. I agree that Korra needs to mature fast before I can have any sympathy for her. It’s ridiculous how fast the others forgive her for things! Anyway, my first thought when I saw those robot suits was BIOSHOCKBIOSHOCKBIOSHOCK, as well. I’d say 9/10, because this episode had a very dynamic feeling–starting slow with Lin Beifong’s investigating and the kids at the Sato estate, then growing momentum as it went. And yes, very Dark Knight-esque. That’s probably why I found myself so hooked.

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