‘The Legend of Korra: The Revelation’ Review

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So happy to finally get to see more from this already great show. The Revelation detailed more of exactly what the show is going to be about while setting up a villain who is truly a force to be reckoned with.

First off, I have to say that I loved the newsreel style of the “previously on…”. Minor details like really do enhance the viewing experience and I appreciate that the show wanted to do something different with something that remains unchanged of years and years of television.

The plot of The Revelation had to do with Korra and Mako trying to save Bolin from the Equalists, a gang of anti-benders lead by the masked villain Amon. I loved the early scenes of Bolin and Pabu, his pet fire ferret, on the street trying to make some money. While Pabu didn’t exactly get the introduction he necessarily deserves like Naga, or even Appa and Momo from the last series, he proved himself as another hysterical animal character.

Anyway, it was surprising how quickly Bolin decided to work with the gang, at least until Mako gave some much needed background on their childhood. All the moments Korra and Mako spent together this week were perfect. The slow build of their romance is believable and often quite funny.  But the highlight of their journey by far was the gorgeously animated chase sequence with the Equalists on motorcycles. The Legend of Korra has proved that there is still a lot to behold in the action, even if Korra is seemingly at her full potential with three of the four elements.

But the biggest reason that The Revelation worked was the presentation of the show’s antagonists, the Equalists. In their first encounter, both Korra and Mako find themselves temporarily unable to bend due to chi blocking, a technique many may remember Ty Lee using in the last series, and just like Azula’s former henchwoman, this is a serious problem for even the strongest bender in a fight.

Once Korra and Mako caught wind of a secret meeting being held by the group’s leader Amon, they found a way to sneak in. Amon’s speech was actually really intimidating as he spoke of the spirits, a part of being the avatar that Korra has yet to master. Then, just as the lion turtle granted Aang in the series finale, Amon permanently took away a man’s bending. Also, for a second, did anyone think that Amon was the kid from the family that Zuko helped in Zuko Alone until the story went even darker than that? Regardless, Amon is a great villain and I cannot wait to see him and Korra face off next week.

The Revelation featured everything that a great episode in this world should, mesmerizing action, sidesplitting humor (Korra’s forceful earthbend at Tenzin’s children killed me), and major story points. It also continued to bring us into this fascinating new world with some of the best art on a cartoon…uh…ever. The biggest pain is waiting a whole week until the next one. (9/10)

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  1. ash says:

    just one quick question..where can i watch this online!!

  2. Lynece says:

    Omg i totally also thot it was the kid from family from tht episode but then i also thot it cud be sokka and sukis kid cuz the writers havnt told us hw they died so maybe it wus firebenders revenging their fallin firelord perhaps

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