The Legend of Korra: “The Terror Within” Book 3 Chapter 8 Review

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Quite the rollercoaster of a week for us Korra fans, huh? Five episodes got pulled from Nickelodeon’s schedule, a sure sign of cancellation. But apparently the show is moving online. Fine, whatever. So this is the last episode that will air on Nickelodeon. At least it was a strong one.

It’s taken eight episodes, but the Red Lotus (Internet name and possible actual name) has finally caught up with the Avatar. Infiltrating Zaofu, Zaheer and his followers manage to tranquilize Korra and Naga. Luckily, Pabu notices what’s going on and manages to wake up Bolin.

The fight that follows is legendary. It’s Bolin, Mako, Lin, and Suyin vs. Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming Hua, and P’Li. What a way to start an episode. Of the villains, Ghazan and P’Li get the most chances to shine, while Bolin an Suyin hold their own on screen as well. Ghazan’s lava bending abilities are put to great use, creating an island in the middle of a courtyard. It leads to Lin and Suyin’s daring rescue of Korra from above.

Once the battle is over, the villains sadly disappear for the rest of the episode. I can’t help but feel like this would have been a great opportunity to explain what these guys are after exactly. We’re almost two thirds of the way through Book 3 and still have no clue of their overall plan. It needs to happen soon.

The rest of The Terror Within saw Team Avatar trying to figure out just how the Red Lotus got into Zaofu. They clearly had help, so the mystery becomes who did it? Suyin and her lie detecting advisor Ai Wei interrogate every guard, until Ai Wei says one of them is lying.

However, in a smart continuation of Mako’s detective work last season, something doesn’t quite add up. Mako begins to suspect Ai Wei, being the only man in the city that can get away with a lie. That turns out to be a good hunch when they discover a hidden room in his home. But that’s just when the traitor arrives at the scene.

Ai Wei’s escape was incredibly well thought out and tense. Throwing up a metal wall, Korra slowly manges to rip it open, still being a beginner at metalbending. Behind the closed door is a bomb, in a gasp-worthy moment that has you fearing for the characters’ lives. But Korra protects her friends with some airbending.

Afterwards, Lin wants to protect Korra in Republic City. Suyin seems to agree, but was actually just buying Korra time so she can sneak out of the city at night. Suyin wants revenge on Ai Wei, allowing Korra to ride off and face her enemies.

It was an exciting episode all around, but the direction of Book 3 is still a mystery. As we inch closer to the end of the season, that’s becoming more and more of a problem. The character development has been outstanding this season, but the main conflict has yet to make sense. At this point, we have four very cool villains that do some very cool bending. But Amon questioned the infrastructure of this bending society. Unalaq had intentions that, while flawed, would lead to the evolution of this world by the hands of the Avatar. Right now, Zaheer is kind of just hunting the Avatar. As great as most of this episode was, that needs to change soon. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. Mitch says:

    I think book 3 and 4 will have one story arc. They were greenlit together, and book 3s more relaxed pace makes me think book 4 will carry on 3s story.

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