‘The Legend of Korra: The Voice in the Night’ Review

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While extremely entertaining, The Voice in the Night felt a bit like filler. But now our avatar hero knows fear and that is certainly a good thing going into some of the heavier material we will be seeing in the future.

The inner workings of Republic City are fascinating to me. The introduction of a corrupt government official was a nice addition to the city alongside the gang-run streets. Councilman Tarrlok wants Korra to join his task force to take on Amon. After a bad dream, Korra is reluctant to join the task force to instead focus on her airbending training with Tenzin, much to her master’s surprise.

All of this wasn’t the most exciting way to start and episode but it was effective  at setting up what would happen in the end. Once Korra joined the task force due to pressure from the press, we got an awesome action sequence in which the task force battled some chi-blockers. It was a harsh attack on the enemy and didn’t quite feel deserving, largely because of the sketchy nature of Tarrlok’s character. This was a clever way to develop his character subtly, particularly when Tarrlok had to save Korra from the Equalist ninjas. The creators have done an amazing job of showing how this rebellion poses a real threat to someone even as powerful as the avatar.

The ending was easily the best part of the episode as Korra challenged Amon to a duel right under the huge statue of Aang that looks over the city. Korra’s fear was very real and the final confrontation was certainly shocking. Amon continues to be a fascinating villain for the series. I loved that he accounted for Korra becoming a martyr, it helps to further develop the personality of Republic City itself. But the most interesting part was the brief look at the past characters (I only caught Sokka and Aang, but the friend I watched it with said he saw Toph). What does this mean? Is this Korra’s first connection to the spirit world? Regardless it was great to see these characters again, albeit briefly.

One other subplot in The Voice in the Night saw Mako going on a date with Asami, a girl he met on the street. I don’t trust this relationship, or Asami’s father, but this plot did help to tug on the strings as Korra was clearly upset when she saw Mako with another girl.

The Voice in the Night was the weakest episode of The Legend of Korra so far as the first half had very little happen. But fear is a necessary development for Korra and we did get an awesome climax. Korra is definitely still a winner. (8/10)

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