The Legend of Korra: Turning the Tides Review

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Best episode so far? You bet. Did The Legend of Korra finally reach the heights of it’s predecessor? Yeah it did.

Since the beginning, The Legend of Korra has steadily been getting better and better but never quite reached the quality of The Last Airbender, until now. Turning the Tides lived up to its title in more ways than one. This series has now transcended that seemingly unbreakable barrier of awesomeness that was Aang’s story. In this reviewer’s mind, The Legend of Korra is officially on par with The Last Airbender.

Now, onto the episode that accomplished this feat. Turning the Tides built on the tension from last week perfectly with the members of the council being taken out after Tarrlok’s demise at the hands of Amon. Only Tenzin managed to figure out what was going on and escape, but not before fighting for his life as the Equalists attacked Republic City.

Everything that was happening this week was exciting. Team Avatar was put into terrific effect as they saved Tenzin’s life and took on several Equalist weaponized robots. The battle was incredible as we finally got to see a lot of Tenzin’s skills as an airbender put to full effect.

Meanwhile, on Air Temple Island, Lin defended Tenzin’s family as his wife went into labor. Naturally, she still continues to have the best action scenes on the show, but the best part was when Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo jumped in to help (fart bending?). This was one of the coolest moments in the series yet and felt like part of finale. In fact, this whole episode had a similar feel to Sozin’s Comet, which is definitely saying something.

Continuing that trend was when Tenzin told informed everyone of having to go their separate ways, just as Iroh at the camp of the White Lotus. At least he got one peaceful moment with his newborn son in another standout sequence.

Another perfect sequence was seeing Toph’s daughter fighting on a sky bison while the son of Aang and Katara steered it. What a great callback to the old series. Then we got the most depressing moment of the week as Lin took down an Equalist ship but ended up being captured…and her bending getting taken away. Oof.

The final scene will have fans squirming all week as the general of the United Forces is played by Dante Basco (the voice actor of Zuko) and named Iroh. Just wow.

Turning the Tides was the best episode so far of The Legend of Korra and with only two episodes left, it looks like sequel has lived up to the original. (10/10)

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  1. Mitch says:

    Yes! It was a fantastic episode.

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