‘The Legend of Korra: When Extremes Meet’ Review

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The inner workings of Republic City begin to crumble as Korra and Tarrlok butt heads in this fantastic episode.

The tone was set early on in When Extremes Meet just by the scenery alone. Everything just seemed a little bit darker in the formerly bright city.

The episode began with Mako, Bolin, and Asami moving onto Air Temple Island. Naturally, just as the creators do best, we got some great humor before everything went horribly wrong. Ikki telling Asami about Korra’s feelings for Mako was great, followed by one of the most hilariously animated reaction faces in either series. Same goes for Ikki’s demonic face when the door was slammed in her face. Korra may not be as funny as Airbender, but the writers and animators still know how to get a big laugh.

Eventually Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami decided to rid the city of the Equalists on their own as the new Team Avatar (a nice retread to the old show). Their first encounter with the Equalists was incredible, partially because it gave Asami some room to be awesome. She was pretty much the only reason they won, even if Bolin and Mako had some sweet moments (lightning!).

But then Tarrlok came in and ruined all the fun. He threatened the team with arrests if he found them out again and insulted Korra by calling her a “half baked” avatar. Korra’s inner struggle with all of the avatar stuff was great in this episode. Korra seems to be struggling with what she isn’t yet able to do more than Aang ever did. But like Aang, she has a great support group with her friends.

Finally, Tarrlok crossed some lines that didn’t seem possible and arrested Mako, Bolin, and Asami for trying to help non-benders that Tarrlok was clearly oppressing. Not even Tenzin could get them out of prison.

This lead Korra to confront Tarrlok on her own. Again, I have to compliment the animators for creating one of the most beautiful scenes in the series yet as Korra rode Naga to the councilman’s office. The scene that followed was just incredible. It was shocking that Tarrlok would attack first in what was the beginning of the most brutal fight in the series yet. Their battle was one of the most breathtaking yet as Korra seemed just about ready for the Avatar state. Just as she seemed to be going to too far, Tarrlok went farther…with blood bending.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger with a defeated Korra being shipped off somewhere. But just before that we got out most interesting look at the past yet. Aang and Toph unable to bend around Tarrlok? Could he be Amon? It certainly seems to be looking likely after that.

When Extremes Meet might have been the best episode yet. It managed to do so much in so little time without feeling at all clunky like the last episode. I loved how the government conspiracy brings sympathy to the Equalists. I loved Korra’s inner struggle. I love how hungry I am for more. (9.5/10)

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