The Mindy Project: “An Officer and a Gynecologist” Season 2 Episode 20 Review

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Quit playing games with my heart, Mindy.

After only a week of Danny’s efforts to remain “just friends” with Mindy, he’s already being pulled back in. All it takes is an ill-fated subway meet up with a rabbi for him to realize he’s in the wrong relationship. Of course, now that Mindy seems to be finally moving on, Danny’s clock might be about to run out. It probably won’t, though.

Timing, as they say, is everything, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. But what about the timing of this series? Mindy and Danny’s quasi-relationship has been through an entire season’s worth of ups and downs in just a few short weeks. First, they’re hot and heavy. Then, they break things off. Then, she appears to have chemistry with Peter. Now, Danny’s involved again.

With only two episodes left in the season–and the finale being titled “Danny and Mindy”–I can’t help but think we’re being jerked around. If these two are meant to be together, what is with all the pointless runaround? The Mindy Project is a very subversive comedy, and it’s much better than this.

Okay, perhaps I should backtrack a little. This week’s episode deals with Mindy counseling a teenage girl on birth control. Things get tricky when she butts heads with the girl’s father (Tim Daly), a brash police officer who still views his baby as, well, a baby. The story is a little light on laughs, but I definitely appreciated the growth on Mindy’s part as she tries to give this girl some solid advice. Their talk at the end felt very genuine, and spoke to the ups and downs Mindy’s been faced with all year.

Meanwhile, Danny helps out a rabbi on the subway, only to be mistaken for a Jew when the rabbi sees his Schulman & Associates bag. This leads to a surprisingly funny Shabbat dinner at the rabbi’s house, in which Danny continues to pretend to be Jewish to try and gain more patients for the practice. I say surprisingly funny because although this is a classic sitcom setup, it’s made all the better by Peter, who accompanies Danny to help him with the ruse. Adam Pally continues to steal almost every scene he’s in. Even though Peter’s still angry with Danny for dating his sister, the two have a great rapport.

In the end, the rabbi helps Danny realize that it’s Mindy he’s been in love with all along. As he goes to break things off with Peter’s sister, Mindy runs into the cop once again and sparks start to fly. As much as I would like this season to end with Danny realizing he’s made a terrible mistake, I know that probably won’t happen. I’m sure Mindy’s fling with the cop will last all of one episode before she decides to forgive Danny and live happily ever after…until they break up again in the season 3 premiere. It appears that Mindy needs to take some of her own advice, and slow things down. Grade: B-


By Mike Papirmeister

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