The Mindy Project: Bunk Bed Review

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This week brought us another adorable episode of The Mindy Project. A cute plot scattered with some hilarious one liners, this proved to be one of the most enjoyable of the season.

First and foremost, Morgan Tookers. He had some laugh out loud moments this week (I’m giggling about the cat named Mindy just thinking about it again.) And I have to say for what feels like the millionth time how pleasantly surprised I am with his character every week.

The B plot looked like it was going to be another disappointing one, with Shanua and Betsy banned from Facebook they go snooping in Danny’s office searching for magazines, but end up finding a heartbreaking letter he wrote to his ex-wife who cheated on him. Morgan was unable to resist mailing the letter, which will hopefully provide some interesting material for Danny’s character this season, but what really saved this storyline for me was the reassuring texts Danny received from his three concerned employees.

In Mindy’s storyline, Gwen, her best friend played by Anna Camp, and her daughter come to stay with Mindy in the city, under the condition that Mindy gets Riley a bunk bed. After a wonderful scene where Morgan and then Danny put the bed together, it ends up collapsing on Gwen breaking her arm. Danny carts her to the ER leaving Mindy to bond with her goddaughter. Mindy’s awkwardness with children is not only fun to watch, but shockingly relatable, as she tries to navigate her relationship with Riley and ensure that there is still room for her and Gwen’s friendship.

We also got a special treat this week in the form of a cameo from Allison Williams, a patient at the hospital who flirts with Danny.

This week was among the best this show has delivered for many reasons. It was one of the few episodes where the secondary plot ended up working, and the episode flowed smoothly back and forth between Mindy’s apartment and the office. And putting Mindy and Danny’s perfect dynamic center stage is the best move this show can make. (I thought I was going to die when she put on the Rent soundtrack.) The two of them have the greatest chemistry, and I can’t get enough of it. Grade: A

By: Meghan Coan


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