The Mindy Project: Danny Castellano is my Gynecologist Review

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This week’s opening was one of the funniest scenes yet. A romantic morning after between Mindy and Josh turns hilarious and embarrassing, and it showcases this show’s humor at its best.

The main premise of the episode is also great: Danny agrees to be Mindy’s gynecologist. This agreement is mainly entered into so that each can prove they have no personal feelings for the other. Well, Mindy’s intentions are two-fold actually, as her gynecologist retired leaving her without an OB-GYN. Throughout the pre-exam questionairre the dynamic between the two we’ve grown to love holds. Sometimes awkward, sometimes biting, always entertaining.

The scenes with Mindy’s best friend Gwen are always the most relatable for me personally, and so they remain some of my favorites. This week Morgan intervenes in their girl time, and his advice to Mindy after her “emotional ass-kicking” courtesy of Danny, proves odd and helpful, which seems to be Morgan’s signature. Between Morgan and Gwen, Mindy finds the strength to win with Danny…he was unable to go through with the whole exam. It was a small but triumphant moment for Mindy in their relationship.

The side plot this week involved Jeremy tapping into Morgan’s crime background to break into Mindy’s apartment in order to steal back a watch he’d left behind on their last dalliance. The only real problem with this otherwise flawless show is that quite honestly any scenes that do not feature Mindy are forgettable, borderline boring. Morgan’s one liners and Betsy’s naivety saved it this week, but sometimes the secondary characters (I’m talking to you, Jeremy) just seem superfluous. I know that Mindy can’t be prominently featured in every single scene, but I so wish that she could. Mindy Kaling, the writer, the actress, and the woman, manages to do something truly wonderful with her 30 minutes of weekly airtime. Her charisma and relatability are what have made me fall so in love with this show, and every week she delivers. Grade: B+



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