The Mindy Project: “Danny Castellano is My Personal Trainer” Season 2 Episode 12 Review

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“Over the holidays I had five hams and a goose, like I am a wolf in a children’s story.”

And what a long holiday it was without The Mindy Project. Season two of the series continues to impress with a return episode that brought the Mindy/Danny will-they-won’t-they right back into the forefront.

With the events of the exceptional Christmas episode behind us, Mindy is now in a full-fledged relationship with Cliff, who suggests a weekend getaway that involves a hot tub. For Mindy that means a bathing suit and Cliff seeing her body. Sos he asks around the office for a personal trainer.

After Morgan spits on Mindy’s face, Danny is up for the challenge. I was surprised to see such a cute storyline shared between the two after the chemistry heavy Christmas episode. But it totally worked.

We end up with a scene involving the two of them naked in a sauna. But it’s not the sexual encounter you think it would be. Mindy’s hair gets stuck in Danny’s watch and the two fumble towelless in the steam.

What an awkward next meeting the two have. Danny alludes to having suggestions for Mindy after seeing her naked. It seems out of line until he says she needs to stop sucking in her chest because it makes her look nervous (collective awwww…). The question is becoming how long will it be before they finally get together?

In a funny, although not entirely original, subplot, Peter is left in charge after Jeremy takes some time off. This leaves him to deal with Morgan and Tamra’s random issues. He freaks out and begs Jeremy to come back. This subplot had some solid Peter moments, one of the many great additions of season 2, but felt like it had been done on many other shows before.

All in all, this was a solid return for The Mindy Project. We got some great Mindy/Danny moments and a fun Peter subplot. While it wasn’t all perfect, it’s clear now that this show doesn’t have to be on the top of its game anymore to be good television. The Mindy Project has found its footing. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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