The Mindy Project: Danny’s Friend Season 1 Episode 18 Review

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It was a pretty mediocre episode of The Mindy Project this week, but we did learn that Danny was an obese child, and that made the whole episode worth watching.

Heather (played by Ellie Kemper), Josh’s ex-girlfriend who confronted and attacked Mindy at her Christmas party, shows up with pie for Mindy, and informs her that she’s put in an application to rent in the same building. Mindy writes an anonymous letter to try to thwart her. Later in the episode, just when Mindy is trying to teach Danny a lesson about being direct with people, Heather returns to say that her application was rejected. Danny turns Mindy’s lesson back on her, and forces her to tell the truth. A ridiculous cake fight ensues. Whenever they try too hard to tackle physical comedy in this show, it’s a complete failure. I wish they’d stick to the witty banter, and leave the physical altercations out. Anyway, Mindy ends up asking the landlord to reconsider.

In the main storyline this week, Jeremy suspects Danny of prescription fraud. They stage an intervention, but it turns out Danny isn’t using the medication for himself, but for his childhood best friend. Stevie is a guy from the neighborhood Danny grew up in, and he’s still getting into trouble and expecting help from Danny. Jeremy and Mindy force him to confront Stevie, but he’s unable to be direct with him. Instead, Stevie stalks Mindy when she’s buying sneakers in an attempt to intimidate her, but somehow they end up on a date instead, Mindy being completely unaware of who he is. Once everyone realizes, Danny, Mindy, and Morgan decide to travel to Staten Island to put a stop to the situation. Danny reveals his insecurities about people thinking he’s too good for his old neighborhood…and Stevie’s mom shows Mindy baby pictures of a very fat Danny.

This was a silly episode, but the elements that always work proved successful again. Mindy and Danny have the best interactions, and we got some good ones this week. Morgan is always the absolute best comic relief. And Jeremy had just enough of a part to be constructive, and not too much as to weigh down the episode. If consistency is the number one way we should judge seasons of shows, then The Mindy Project is having a phenomenal first season. But I can’t help but wish for some elements of surprise in the handful of episodes left this season. We’ll see, but in the meantime, we will keep laughing along with this ensemble cast. Grade: B

By: Meghan Coan

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