The Mindy Project: Halloween Review

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Opening with a monologue praising fall in New York, reminiscent of many a Norah Ephron movie, this episode of The Mindy Project starts off light and charming, and continues on that trajectory.

Mindy has a morning date with Josh, the sports lawyer she met at the club, and he invites her to a Halloween party where there is pressure to deliver a mind blowing costume. This invitation, coupled with a run in with her ex Tom whom she subsequently finds out is having a baby, result in a crisis for Mindy. Trying to choose a Halloween costume with Betsy, Shauna, and Morgan is a delightful little montage. Just as Mindy is about to give up hope for Halloween and curl up with an intruding cat, her best friend’s daughter, Riley, inspires hope for her. Their exchange is short, but is easily my favorite scene in the episode. Josh’s Princess Bride inspired costume is my second favorite part. (Mindy goes as Diane from Cheers, and it seems such a natural fit for her personality.)

The B story line this week with Danny and Jeremy sneaking around to get their drivers’ licences fell flat. Danny fails miserably on his first attempt, and he and Jeremy exchange forced admissions of their jealousy of one another. Jeremy gets him a second try, and he passes. Their effort to show Danny in a vulnerable light rather than his usual cocky demeanor just felt very obvious and unnecessary.

Mindy’s chemistry with everyone in the cast including the guest stars is what continues to drive this show that has yet to deliver a less than satisfactory episode. I continue to find myself laughing out loud and rooting for Mindy, so this series continues to be more successful than most romantic comedies I’ve seen. Grade: B+


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