The Mindy Project: Harry & Mindy Season 1 Episode 14 Review

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In The Mindy Project’s first Valentine’s Day episode, Mindy Kaling was perfection. Everyone else was so-so.

Obviously Mindy thinks the Empire State Building is the most romantic building in Manhattan, and this week’s opening where she’s remanded and questioned about loitering in the lobby reminded me a lot of the pilot where she was arrested, and was almost as funny.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Danny is thoroughly depressed over his breakup with Eye Patch, and Mindy is thoroughly intimidated by Jamie’s friendship with Lucy. So, naturally, Mindy matchmaking (read: meddling) seems the best solution for both of their problems. She arranges a double date for Valentine’s Day.

Danny showing up to Mindy’s before the date and hanging out while she gets ready was such a miniscule scene, but was probably my favorite of the episode. They just have such a great understated chemistry, and their scenes together are always breezy and natural.

Because this is a sitcom, the date obviously does not go as planned. Jamie is obviously irritated when Danny and Lucy seem to hit it off. After he chokes on a fish bone, any magic between Mindy and Jamie had obviously tapered off. But he tries to save the night anyway by taking her to the Empire State Building to fulfill Mindy’s greatest rom-com fantasy. While there, Mindy calls him out on being in love with Lucy, and he realizes that she’s right. BJ Novak is ridiculous but kind of amusing in the scene that follows, mostly amusing because it’s unusual to see Mindy embarrassed by someone else’s behavior for once.

When they arrive at Mindy’s, despite finding Lucy and Danny making out, sparks fly between Lucy and Jamie and in true When Harry Met Sally fashion they confess their love for each other. Danny and Mindy leave them to it, and go to the pizza place where Danny met his wife. I didn’t like this scene, and I can’t even really put my finger on why. It just seemed out of character for Danny.

The secondary storyline this week with Jeremy coaching Morgan on women is barely worth mentioning. I’m sure I’ll forget about it as soon as I finish writing this review.

Mindy had some great one-liners this week (and I confess to loving a good Housewives reference) but everyone else fell kind of flat. Any Office fan knows how much more BJ Novak is capable of. And this was one of Danny’s weaker episodes as well. While this wasn’t a bad episode, it does point to a pattern. Holiday episodes of The Mindy Project just seem somewhat underwhelming when compared to the rest of the season. Grade: B-

By: Meghan Coan


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