The Mindy Project: Harry & Sally Season 1 Episode 13 Review

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The Mindy Project just may be the most consistent show on television right now.

For one thing, every week they nail the cold open. This week’s involved Brendan sleeping over Mindy’s house, finding an array of strange items in her bed. It’s very funny; Mindy Kaling and Mark Duplass have surprisingly great chemistry.

Before I get into the real meat of the episode, I have to say that Mindy uttered what is maybe the most relatable line I’ve ever heard tonight. “Best friends isn’t a person Danny, it’s a tier.” Mindy, you get me.

At a cocktail party, Mindy meets Jamie, an adorable Latin teacher played by BJ Novak. And who she thinks is Jamie’s girlfriend turns out to be his best friend Lucy. Reminiscent of one of Mindy’s (and my) favorite romantic comedies, When Harry Met Sally. They go on a date, and when Lucy sends wine to the table and Jamie calls her for an overly jovial conversation, Mindy can’t handle it, and she ditches him.

Meanwhile, Eye Patch aka Jillian wins over everyone at the cocktail party, but ends up breaking up with Danny. Mindy suggests a grand gesture to get her back, but it goes terribly awry. While I’ll miss Allison Williams’ presence on the show, the way the breakup happened was definitely a necessary wakeup call for Dr. Castellano.

Mindy and her friend Maggie, an unimpressive addition to the cast who we’re introduced to this week, run into Brendan at the movies. Despite telling Mindy he didn’t believe in dating, he was on a date with a hot Asian refugee. Mindy seems heartbroken, but as her friend points out, it isn’t genuine. Brendan was just someone to pass the time with.

Mindy realizes she made a mistake with Jamie, and dressed as Indiana Jones, she goes to get a second chance with him. Her grand gesture is much more effective than Danny’s, and we get to see BJ Novak again next week.

Not only was it great to see Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak back together on screen, their chemistry less outrageous than on The Office, but still very palpable, but this week was a good episode because Danny’s storyline was just as strong as Mindy’s. This is the first week that a secondary plot has been not only watchable, enjoyable, but meaningful. This show is quickly finding its footing, and correcting early freshman season mistakes. It wasn’t necessarily as much fun or as laugh out loud funny as past episodes, but it was another strong showing nonetheless. Grade: B

By: Meghan Coan


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