The Mindy Project: Hiring and Firing Review

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 The second episode of The Mindy Project proves that this charming comedy is most certainly here to stay.This episode really dives into the tumultuous dynamic between Mindy and Danny. It opens with them bumping into each other on the subway, where what we think is a voiceover is actually Mindy narrating her surroundings. Once they get to the office, Mindy tells Danny and the receptionists about a fateful trip to a bookstore where she meets a potential new love interest, portrayed by the adorable Seth Meyers. The playful banter between the two on their frozen yogurt date was brief and delightful, but the meat of this episode was less about romance and more about office politics, and it was a perfect focus.

We meet Beverly, a surly nurse who needs to get the boot. Mindy calls a partners meeting in her office to discuss her firing. Jeremy receives the task of firing Beverly, and after another round of banter amongst the partners, including Mindy hilariously attempting a race/gender related power play, she is pleased to find herself with the responsibility of hiring a new nurse.

The scenes where Jeremy tries to fire Beverly fall completely flat. Granted, they make him slightly more human than he seemed in the pilot, but his character still does not possess enough charisma to hold his own. The bottom line of this episode is that any scene that Mindy isn’t in is hardly worth watching. Luckily, there weren’t many. The only other character who seemed dull in the pilot, Gwen, Mindy’s best friend, significantly improved this week. We saw their chemistry during a pre-interview lunch where the girls were so much fun to watch together.

The first interviewee was essentially a mini-Mindy, they discussed their favorite romantic comedies, and Danny, determined not to let Mindy take the lead on this, railroads her. Dr. Schulman decrees that they have to do the interviews together. The series of potential candidates they see is hilarious, all because of the tremendous chemistry between Mindy and Danny. After the disastrous day, and still without a nurse, Mindy and Danny convince Dr. Schulman that they are actually best friends in what proves to be my favorite scene of the episode. They have one last interview left, with an ex-convict who asks to be called “Ransom.” Obviously, they dismiss him. Then we find out that Jeremy couldn’t handle the job of firing Beverly, so Mindy steps up, and gets punched in the nose as a result. Morgan (a.k.a. Ransom) is still in the building, and fixes her broken nose. She hires him on the spot, despite the fact that he’s still incredibly creepy.

The episode ends back on the subway with Mindy and Danny, and I just can’t get enough of these two together. Their comedic timing is perfect, the characters balance each other out beautifully, and the two actors genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves in every single scene. I think that’s what makes this show so much fun to watch. “Hiring and Firing” was another great episode. I’m so glad Fox decided to hire Mindy. Grade: B+

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