The Mindy Project: Hooking Up is Hard Season 1 Episode 12 Review

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I don’t think I stopped laughing for more than a few seconds during this week’s episode of The Mindy Project.

For starters, this show has absolutely perfected the art of the cold open. In this week’s, Mindy’s fear of being murdered leads her to wearing what can only be described as a mask a murderer would wear when she sleeps in the doctor’s lounge and terrifying everyone.

Mindy, tired of being alone and exhausted in her pursuit of a life partner, is ready to have some fun. She seeks Jeremy’s advice on how to begin a casual sexual relationship, since he is the expert, and their attempt at this sort of arrangement failed. His advice was to find someone you are attracted to but do not respect. Mindy’s instinctive answer of Draco Malfoy had me more in love with her than ever. But she does find a real life man who fits this description in Brendan the midwife. She approaches him in the most awkward fashion ever, but he readily agrees that they should “hang out.”

After discussing the situation with her girlfriends during a workout boot camp run by Morgan and making a web video in case she gets murdered on her first one night stand, she shows up at Brendan’s apartment. The entire scene plays out hilariously, but when Mark Duplass is sitting on his bed playing guitar and singing “Landslide” while Mindy accidentally turns on his shower and ends up slipping all over his bathroom, I could barely breathe I was laughing so hard. When they finally attempt to hook up, Morgan and Dunkin walk in. Their secret friendship and Brendan and Mindy’s secret hook up both revealed, the four of them end up just watching a movie. Mindy is annoyed with Brendan the whole time, until he talks Morgan down from an asthma attack. Once Mindy has accepted the fact that she’s not cut out for a casual relationship because she’s too likely to get attached, Brendan informs her in no uncertain terms that they will eventually have sex.

Danny’s eye patch girl Jillian (Allison Williams) is back this week. She plans a date that he is not at all comfortable with, and he fakes an excuse to leave. He fears that their age difference and alternate interests are a problem, but when she shows up to the hospital and they kiss, we can see that their chemistry can most likely overcome those issues. I hope Jillian sticks around for a few weeks, because her interactions with everyone in the cast were wonderful.

This week was absolutely hilarious, and every character was utilized perfectly. This show keeps getting better and better. For a first season, they are learning with every episode what works and what doesn’t, and delivering consistently funny stories that keep fans laughing. Grade: A

By: Meghan Coan

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