The Mindy Project: In the Club Review

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What is The Mindy Project’s foolproof recipe for a perfect half hour of television? The hilarity that ensues every week manages to be both absurd and extremely relatable.

This week begins with Mindy recounting a truly pathetic weekend and longing for a fun night on the town. Hearing about Shauna’s clubbing sparks an interest for Mindy. In one of my favorite small moments of the episode, she calls Gwen begging her to come to a club with her and after getting a lame excuse about having to do something boring with her husband, Mindy deems the conversation “disappointing”…and what single girl hasn’t had that kind of conversation with her married best friend?  Instead, it turns into a “work night out.” And everything that followed was wonderful.

To begin with, they got the feeling of a Meatpacking District nightclub down to a T. And the club was a surprisingly perfect setting to get a little bit more insight into every character than we’ve gotten in the past. A naïve Betsy lands them a banquette by accidentally ordering an embarrassing round of bottle service totaling $300 (I wish this wasn’t so accurate, but it is.) We learn that Danny is a great dancer and somewhat of a ladies’ man, and that Shauna has a crush on him. Morgan has a great storyline this week, turning his duffle bag full of club supplies into a lucrative business as bathroom attendant for the night, but he also somehow manages to activate Jeremy’s moral compass and prevent him from leaving the club with a bachelorette. Morgan turned out to be just as weird as I expected, but weirdly well rounded as well as a good addition to the chemistry of the group.

Mindy is on her own mission for the night, determined to meet a guy. After some failed awkward small talk with men around the bar, she’s invited to a table of NBA players in the VIP area by Josh. The conversation with the NBA players turned, as it usually does with Mindy, to romantic comedies. While mentions of You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle might get old eventually, I’m still loving it for now. In Josh, they portrayed a typical New York guy pretty perfectly…an overconfident sports attorney, it was hard to tell if he was dorky yet adorable, or sleazy. It turns out he was the former, because when Mindy turned down his invite to a celeb studded after party, he sent her a limo to take her home, as well as her stolen pashmina which he purchased back from the basketball player who swiped it. Mindy made the right decision declining the VIP party in favor of ending the night with her friends; they have a fun last dance and a silly ride home with a pizza nightcap.

The reason this episode was so great is because in addition to being a tremendous amount of fun, it also managed to open up several plot lines. Is Jeremy changing his confirmed bachelor ways? Will Shauna be able to get over Danny? Will Mindy see Josh again? And in a fleeting but potentially important moment, was Danny’s invitation to Mindy to leave to dance floor and get a drink with him completely innocent or indicative of something more? Grade: A-

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