The Mindy Project: “L.A.” Season 2 Episode 13 Review

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With only two episode left before a two month long hiatus, The Mindy Project is ready to produce some major character moments.

To do so, Mindy, Danny, Morgan, and Pete are sent to Los Angeles for a conference. But this is a vacation after all, leading everyone to go out and experience different sides of L.A. life.

Mindy and Pete, who adorably share a love for Entourage, end up at a stereotypical, rich-people pool party. The catch? Casey was the one to invite them. Mindy’s ex now sells shoes, dropping the whole reverend thing. Cliff is stuck in New York worrying that Mindy might meet up with him.

Of course, Mindy drops her phone in the pool (there is no worse feeling than when your significant other is worried/angry and your phone won’t work, making this one of the most relatable scenes on the series yet). Then Casey drops in the pool. Naked.

I will say that the L.A.-ified Casey felt out of character, but it led to a crazy development for Mindy and Cliff. She finally gets her phone to work and sees all the missed calls. Cliff found a picture from the party online of Mindy and Casey in the pool. He says a lot of things about trust that make too much sense and then abruptly breaks up with her. It was actually pretty heartbreaking. “We can either do this now or three years from now,” was almost too real of a line.

Meanwhile, Morgan forces Danny out of their hotel (the YMCA) to go on a studio tour. But, Morgan also overstepped his boundaries and called Danny’s father. I’m very interested to see this play out.

With next week’s mid-season finale wrapping up these threads, I do hope to see Mindy and Danny get some closure on this part of their character journeys. However, this is only the second season of a show that will hopefully have a very long life. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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