The Mindy Project: “Magic Morgan” Season 2 Episode 4 Review

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A post-breakup Mindy is less fun , but tonight’s episode was not without charm.

The Mindy Project has so far been on a hot streak this season, so it was a little disheartening to see an episode that didn’t meet the same standards.  Still, no sitcom is perfect, and there were plenty of sweet moments to remind you that this is definitely a sitcom worth watching.

The basic premise revolved around Mindy reeling from her breakup with Pastor Casey.  Though it was mature of her to end things when she realized he would never really be there for her, her handling of everything since then was..not as adult.

This is maybe the first time that I didn’t find the cold-open to be that funny.  Sure, it was amusing when Mindy sobbed on the phone while ordering food (“What do you mean I don’t fulfill the delivery requirement? I used to!”) but it wasn’t the same laugh-out-loud humor I’ve come to expect.  It did, however, introduce us to lawyer Cliff Gilbert, played by none other than It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Glenn Howerton.  From his and Mindy’s snappy back-and-forth, it’s clear that something romantic is going happen between them very soon.

Morgan, who’s always been the funniest background player on the show, took center stage tonight.  As it turns out, he suffers from a Good Luck Chuck-esque curse where women date him and then end up marrying the next guy they meet.  He goes over Mindy’s apartment to console her, and she–having had a few too many bottles of wine–proposes that he use his “magic” on her.  There’s a strange tug-of-war between them when Morgan refuses.  It ends up being more desperate than funny.  Eventually he agrees, but then Mindy backs out, realizing how ridiculous the whole thing is, and so Morgan uses Cliff to sue her for sexual harassment.

Here’s where the show got interesting.  In order to avoid paying a fine, Mindy agrees to go on a fancy date with Morgan.  While at first it’s terribly uncomfortable, we end up seeing a more sweeter side of the nurse than we knew existed.  He consoles Mindy about her breakup by taking her to a moonlit quarry where they can let out some of their frustrations.  It was a nice moment, and allowed for Mindy to being the process of moving on.  (Quick Aside: Was anyone else wondering where this quarry was, exactly?  There are no places in Manhattan that look that natural.  At least, none that I know of.  End of Aside.)

In subplot-land, new doctor Peter is still making everyone in the office uncomfortable.  Jeremy won’t fire him, though, because he’s somehow great with the patients.  Eventually he wins over Danny by offering to be a “pledge” of sorts and take on grunt work that no one else wants to do.  There wasn’t really much to this story, but I do like Peter as an addition to the cast.  I just hope his character doesn’t become a one-note joke.

This episode definitely saw a dip in quality from previous weeks, but it’s hard to truly hate on a show with so many lovable people in it.  I have faith that things will get back on track next week, and I’m excited to see where this thing with Mindy and Cliff leads.  Grade: B-


By Mike Papirmeister

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