The Mindy Project: Mindy’s Brother Review

Mindy returned this week with perhaps my favorite guest star yet: her little brother Rishi, portrayed adorably by Utkarsh Ambudkar.

This week’s episode picked up in the wake of her breakup with Josh, leaving her fearful and suspicious of basically everything. This fear has manifested in an embarrassing ailment, which Mindy self diagnoses as “stress barfing.” More stressful events, like her brother announcing he’s dropping out of Stanford to become a rapper and the practice’s rent being doubled, only add to her newfound illness.

To tackle the rent issue, Danny and Jeremy decide to approach their landlord, who they learn has been replaced by his son. The son turns out to be a brat who has put his father in a nursing home and chooses to conduct his business with Nerf guns. Danny and Jeremy venture to the nursing home, and help their former landlord land the lady he’s had his eye on in exchange for his assistance with their rent issues. As usual, this storyline which doesn’t involve Mindy doesn’t hold my interest. Danny is a great character, but he’s at his best when opposite Mindy, and Jeremy is really proving more and more that he’s a relatively useless cast member.

Mindy’s brother, however, was perfect this week no matter who he was interacting with. Rishi and Mindy had a fantastic dynamic. She is determined to change his mind about dropping out of college, and practices her version of tough love, which is kicking him out with nothing but a Metro Card. Morgan ends up taking him in, and encouraging his rapping career.

Meanwhile, Mindy stoops to a new low: making an appointment with the midwife downstairs, again played by Mark Duplass. Their interaction was entertaining as he performed a hot stone treatment to help with her vomiting, but slightly distracting from the main event which was obviously Mindy and her brother. Which climaxes wonderfully with a rap battle. Rishi’s backup singer cancels on him, and he recruits Mindy and Morgan to help him. It goes surprisingly well, but to Mindy’s delight, in the end he decides to return to Stanford and finish his degree.

This was an enjoyable, if not especially important episode of The Mindy Project. It was a lot of fun, as most episodes are. And Mindy’s brother was one of the greatest presences yet to grace this delightful show. If I were to give the writers of this show just one note, it would be to keep the focus on Mindy where it belongs. Grade: B

By: Meghan Coan

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