The Mindy Project: Mindy’s Minute Season 1 Episode 15 Review

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The Mindy Project delivered its first truly underwhelming episode of the season.

The whole concept of the episode failed from the get-go. Mindy had a one minute Taxi TV spot where she dressed like a dog and talked to a sock puppet about women’s health. Meanwhile, the midwives had put out a fancy commercial with a testimonial from Maria Menunos.

Channel 8 catches wind of Mindy’s ad, and wants her to do a spot on the local news. Danny is skeptical, and is worried how her appearance will reflect on the practice, so he coaches her.

When it comes time for her to appear on air, Mindy’s hypochondriac patient calls her from the hospital, and she abandons her dreams of becoming a celebrity doctor to fulfill her obligations to her patient. Danny has to step in for her, and in the only entertaining part of the episode, he botches the segment horribly. When he uses the word “vagina”, a word he told Mindy was strictly taboo on local news, he falls apart. Sweating, stuttering, and pulling out the sock puppet as a last resort. Danny is charming when he’s stumbling, and it was the only charming thing to come out of this week.

In the most disappointing part of the episode and maybe the season, Beverly has been rehired. The surly nurse who was fired in the beginning of the season is back as a receptionist. She’s not a good fit for the ensemble cast that already has some weak links.

This week was just not good. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t smart, it wasn’t relatable. It wasn’t any of the things that make this show worth watching. And while the reappearance of Beverly does worry me about the direction of the show, I’m sure it’s just a fluke, as the rest of the season has been so strong. Grade: D

By: Meghan Coan


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