The Mindy Project: Pretty Man Season 1 Episode 20 Review

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FOX experimented with a Thursday night timeslot for The Mindy Project tonight with an episode that was a little darker than we’re grown accustomed to.

Mindy wants to go out, but all her friends are being lame, so she ventures to a bar alone. She is approached by a hot guy, but learns just in the nick of time that he’s a prostitute. She promptly kicks him out of her apartment.

Meanwhile, we learn that Alex and Danny are still dating. And Danny lies to Mindy about them throwing a dinner party because he didn’t want her to bring one of the losers she dates. Offended, she invites everyone in the office to the party, ruining the small dinner party he had planned. Then he calls her out on sneaking around with Brendan. They’re at odds from the beginning of the episode, but in a more hostile way than usual, which set a strange tone for the whole episode.

The prostitute, Adam, shows up at Mindy’s office. She learns that he originally came to New York to become a singer, and is actually very talented, and this prompts her to attempt a “Pretty Woman” style makeover and bring him as her date to Danny and Alex’s party.

The party itself had an odd feel to it. Danny was very uptight having people in his apartment. Morgan was his usual quirky self. Adam treated everyone to a performance of a Norah Jones song. And then things took a turn when Mindy spills the beans to Alex that Danny was divorced, and she gets extremely angry and breaks up with him. The downward spiral continues when Adam announces that he’s a prostitute, thoroughly embarrassing Mindy.

The part of the episode that I really disliked came when Danny confronted Mindy about her behavior, and he told her that he never wanted to be her friend. The interaction felt very off, they have their typical witty banter that sometimes gets biting, but this felt outright mean.

The last scene with Morgan and Mindy on the subway mocking Danny’s accent was actually extremely funny and almost made me forget about the awkward scene prior, but not quite.

The whole tone of this episode was less carefree and fun than episodes of Mindy usually are. Mindy Kaling was obviously hilarious as usual with her quips and pop culture references, but the episode just felt kind of off and dark because of the interactions with Danny. Grade: C+


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