The Mindy Project: “Take Me With You” Season 1 Finale Review

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The Mindy Project’s first season finale was a solid anchor to its freshman season.

Another brilliant cold open featured Mindy and Casey attempting to sexy Skype, which leads Mindy to realize she can’t have a long distance relationship with him for a year. So she makes a decision to go with him to Haiti.

In order to prove to everyone that she can handle it, Mindy invites herself on a camping trip Danny has planned for Christina and him. Morgan is without a doubt the most hilarious part of the trip, mostly because his presence really doesn’t make much sense. But during the course of the night in the tent with Casey, Mindy realizes that she can’t spend a year in close quarters with him.

She waits to tell him until their “bon voyage” party. Mindy tells him she can’t go with him unless they’re engaged, but when he tries to propose in front of the whole party, she stops him. It’s a painfully awkward scene, which is ended just in the nick of time by the doctors’ work pagers: their patient is having triplets. After a successful deliver, the patient makes Mindy realize that she shouldn’t be so overwhelmed by the situation, and change her mind again.

It wouldn’t be a finale of a romantic comedy obsessed show without a slightly flawed grand romantic gesture, which is what Mindy accomplishes when she cuts her hair and goes to Casey’s apartment in the middle of the night, waking all his neighbors, to prove how serious she is about him. It’s difficult to tell how sincere she is though, given her flip-flopping the entire episode, and especially given what followed.

The last scene of the episode is really what makes me yearn for next season. Danny, mortified by Mindy’s haircut, tells her that he’s decided to slow things down with Christina. He and Mindy have a moment…a romantic comedy, intimate, almost kiss…and she tells him she’s going to Haiti with Casey. End scene.

This is obviously the essence of the show, the tension between Mindy and Danny, because of its scarcity and its intensity when it does show up. There hasn’t been a “will they or won’t they?” relationship this well executed since the days of Friends, and I think it will carry over perfectly to next season. Grade: B+

By: Meghan Coan


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