The Mindy Project: Teen Patient Review

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This week was another charming episode of The Mindy Project.

The cold open was a hilarious scene involving Morgan, Mindy, and an intern whose name I immediately forgot. Then Danny got an anonymous letter complaining that Morgan was inappropriately staring at Shauna. Danny confronted Shauna and Morgan. Both of these scenes served as reminders that Morgan has some of the best comedic timing on the show. He consistently delivers his off-color one liners in the funniest way. While I was unsure about him at first, he has become one of my favorite parts about this show.

The B plot this week was Danny having to boost an insecure Betsy’s confidence. It was boring and unmemorable. Luckily though there was no appearance from Jeremy this week, so everything moved along quickly.

The bulk of this week revolved around Mindy’s 15 year old neighbor Sophia. She asks Mindy for birth control, and Mindy goes on a hilarious mission to try to dissuade her from having sex at such a young age. The scenes were Mindy visits Sophia’s high school were all brilliant, as Mindy’s interactions with teenagers were the perfect blend of natural, that we’d expect from a “teen plus” like Mindy, and awkward, that we’d expect from any adult/teen dynamic.

What Sophia helped do was initiate a conversation between Mindy and Josh about whether or not they were in this for the long haul. At first Josh was insure whether he was a “forever type of guy” but after a really sweet scene at the end of the episode, they leave the door open to the possibility of forever. Josh and Mindy have a very cute and believable chemistry, and I’m so glad they’re keeping him around.

Maybe this episode won’t be the most memorable of the premiere season, but it was definitely enjoyable. It was one of the most balanced episodes so far, focusing most of its energy where the viewer wants to see it: on Mindy. Grade: A-


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