The Mindy Project: Thanksgiving Review

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It’s a very eventful Thanksgiving for Mindy and her friends in this week’s episode.

After a talk where Josh reveals he’s not ready to be exclusive, Mindy does not enter the holiday at her best friend Gwen’s with the best mindset. Dennis, the guy she went on one unsuccessful date with, is there with his new beautiful Indian girlfriend, whom he met through Gwen and her husband Carl. Mindy feels betrayed, and the hurt is only cemented when Gwen tells her she is a mess. Mindy takes this to heart. She’s determined to get Gwen back by proving her right, and does so when she seduces Dennis after his girlfriend leaves. Morgan came along to cook, and he provides a great distraction for the family during this time. A ridiculous physical fight with Gwen when she catches Mindy and Dennis actually ends on a good note when Josh calls from a strip club and tells Mindy he misses her and changed his mind. Thanksgiving has a happy ending, and Mindy has an exclusive boyfriend.

Betsy takes Jeremy to her parents’ house for dinner. It was cute I guess, but all of the side plots with Jeremy are forced and boring, and this was no exception. Neither Betsy nor Jeremy has enough depth to their character to carry their own storylines sans Mindy.

Danny spending Thanksgiving alone in the office learning to play Piano Man was heartbreaking, and probably the strongest part of the episode. He’s definitely the most interesting character aside from Mindy, and the more he reveals, the more I feel for him.

Mindy’s palpable chemistry with every cast member was showcased again this week, from guest star Ed Helms as Dennis down to her awkward dynamic with Gwen’s nerdy husband. While this was probably the weakest episode to date, it was still entertaining, contained more laugh out loud funny one liners, and moved the season along. But what I really missed, especially after last week, was Mindy and Danny. Regardless of this week’s flaws, with the way this season as a whole is going, Mindy fans have a lot to be thankful for. Grade: B


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