The Mindy Project: “Frat Party” Season 1 Episode 23 Review

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This week’s episode of The Mindy Project was not only adorable, but showed how much Mindy’s character, as well as the show itself, has grown since the pilot.

The cold open featured Mindy and Casey taking a decidedly unsexy shower together, and was hilarious and real. Their chemistry never ceases to feel genuine, even when he drops a bombshell on her. No, he isn’t getting “the snoring surgery”, though I died laughing at that line, but he’s going to Haiti for a year. He wants to do a long distance relationship, but Mindy says she can’t put her life on hold for a year. Witness to this conversation, and Mindy’s subsequent breakdown, is Katie, a med student at Columbia who Mindy is mentoring. She decides to take Mindy out to cheer her up.

Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy are on a mission to lure Morgan away from the midwives and back to the practice. This drags on too long for my liking, and seemed pointless, as we all knew Morgan would end up back at Schulman and Associates in the end. Though, the puppy was a nice touch.

Danny, Jeremy, and Morgan end up at the frat party where Katie has taken Mindy. Which turns into an unmitigated disaster. Tom, Mindy’s ex-boyfriend, is at the party, as a pathetic alum of the fraternity. His wife left him, and he’s in the midst of a mid-life crisis, complete with an eyebrow ring. He and Mindy talk, but she turns down a request that he go home with her. Just then Casey shows up wasted, and a ridiculous fist fight between the two ensues.  Katie helps Mindy carry a sloppy Casey (“You look like a magician with food poisoning,” Mindy really did have great one liners this week) home, and thanks her for teaching her some valuable, while unconventional, lessons as her mentor.

When Casey talks to Mindy about their future, and she agrees to do long distance for a year in order to save them from a separation further down the line when they’re married and ready to have children, it’s clear that Mindy’s learned some lessons this season as well. Casey is a good fit for her, and it’s great to see Mindy so happy with someone who clearly loves her. We’ll see how the long-distance experiment goes, but for now, I’m as happy with Mindy and Casey’s relationship as they both seem to be.

It should be noted that Morgan snapping phone pictures of the two making out in the elevator once he and Danny enter was a strangely endearing way to end the episode. Grade: A-

By: Meghan Coan


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