The Mindy Project: The One That Got Away Season 1 Episode 16 Review

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In this week’s The Mindy Project, Seth Rogen makes a special appearance as a long lost love from a Jewish summer camp Mindy attended when she was 13.

Sam (Rogen) reconnects with Mindy on facebook, and they share a truly wonderful day together. A humorous trip to the drugstore, a Nora Ephron double feature, a romantic evening at Mindy’s apartment…all with one catch. He’s in the Army, and only in town for one night before he deploys back to Afghanistan.

After he falls out the window fixing her air conditioner, Mindy selfishly hopes he sustained enough injuries to prevent him from being deployed. Unfortunately for her, he only slightly sprained his hand. When he catches her conspiring to try to keep him in the States, he tells her that he actually wants to go back. That he joined the military for a reason, and that’s where he feels he’s meant to be. Before leaving, he writes a sweet note to Mindy that exemplifies their natural adorable chemistry, but ends their relationship for the time being.

Meanwhile, a couple asks Danny to be their sperm donor, and he agrees. But when he consults Mindy about it and confesses that the reason he’s doing it is because he thinks he may never have kids, she swiftly talks him out of it. In another funny Mindy and Danny scene, they meet with the couple and Mindy gives a laundry list of Danny’s faults, effectively changing their mind about wanting him to be their donor.

I liked this episode, but I didn’t love it. The problem with The Mindy Project is that the past few episodes have really given us nothing to invest in. We got a glimmer of hope for happiness for Mindy and Sam, and it was promptly taken away. Morgan delivered some funny lines, as he always does, but aside from him, Mindy, and Danny the rest of the cast is pretty forgettable. Mindy is quirky and funny and the dialogue is littered with amusing pop culture references, but there’s only so far that can go. Basically, the show is starting to get too predictable and slightly redundant. Except for one thing.

Mindy and Danny are what keep me watching and loving it. Their small moments are always perfect. The way this episode ended, with Danny reading Mindy every item in the vending machine…there is just something about their dynamic. And when that dynamic is the focus of the show, it’s flawless. Grade: B

By: Meghan Coan


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